Episode 7/3/2018

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00.16 – Summary: Abolish ICE; Trump rollback of Affirmative Action; Stalking conservatives

01.10 – Welcome monologue: What’s the point of the Abolish ICE protests?

  • No major news story overwhelming the coverage
  • Abolish ICE makes no sense
  • This is not a serious policy consideration; it’s about mobilization
  • This is shown by the way they wrap this together with local police
  • Sound clip from Pennsylvania protest: tirade against cops
  • Sound clips about how police are racists (chant against cops)
  • This is just the same Alinsky-ite mobilization effort, not to actually accomplish anything
  • Rules for Radicals – Saul Alinsky
  • Like much of the left’s stuff these days, this is all about emotional manipulation, not about truth or serious policy considerations
  • Debt collapse will eventually cause serious economic ruin
  • Unfettered immigration could also cause serious economic collapse
  • Lawlessness begets lawlessness

15.36 – Democrats have no message

  • Sarah Huckabee-Sanders over Democrats lack of a message
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to be taking over the left


  • Louie Gohmert: Sound clip on madness of open borders
  • Every empire eventually crumbles and we could fall too
  • Scott Pruitt doesn’t help himself by seeming a little dirty
  • Climate change is total nonsense which makes you want to like him, but he just seems slimy
  • Now we have a politically motivated stalking of Scott Pruitt
  • Sound clip: crazy environmentalist publicly harassing Pruitt
  • Emotional manipulation using children is common on the left
  • Memes and hashtags and virtue signalling rule all political activity on the left
  • Not a serious debate over policy, just a caricature
  • Reason left is so mad is because all they have to go against is straw men

32.27 – How do the left and right view America

  • Millennials aren’t proud to be Americans (sound clip from Campus Reform)
  • Patriotism seems to be not in vogue on the left
  • Buck says that anti-military seems to be purely on the left
  • Right didn’t cease to like America when we had Obama

32.42 – Fireworks

  • Buck hates all fireworks
  • Firework safety folks!

42.04 – Affirmative Action

  • Affirmative Action is constitutionally, ethically and logically indefensible
  • Seems to be just about random diversity, not sold anymore as a way to make up for legacy of slavery
  • Does it make sense to just have different background for the sake of it?
  • Does it make sense to seek out international students for the sake of it?
  • Schools are now discriminating against Asians, so this may be the end of it
  • Clear that schools are using quotas based on the consistency of percentages
  • Obama had guidelines to avoid prosecution on quotas
  • Jeff Sessions put the smack-down on this.


  • Calls

57.42 – Supreme Court nominee

  • Sarah Huckabee-Sanders on what Trump is looking for
  • Liberals very afraid of the overturning of Roe vs Wade
  • MSNBC Sound clip – Trumps whole list is awful, Amy Barrett supposedly spoke to a hate group [ed: which is false]
  • Alan Dershowitz on Judicial activism (sound clip) – Wants a libertarian conservative
  • Never Trumpers are mostly having to eat crow
  • Left will probably make a serious issue of Catholicism if it’s Amy Barrett
  • Trump sound clip on upcoming supreme court fight
  • What will liberals do when they lose in November and lose the Supreme Court fight? Will they eventually wake up to how stupid their position is?

1.08.28 – FBI investigation

  • Devin Nunez- We will not be intimidated by the Democrats
  • Possibility of Cohen flipping is coming up.
  • Buck’s take: Cohen doesn’t have anything to flip on
  • Seems like every day that the Mueller probe is about to indict Trump
  • Buck has lost respect for the judgement of a lot of people over this
  • It has gone so much farther than we ever thought it could

1.15.19 – Intel Committee review of Russia Interferance

  • Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen hunger strike
  • Senate Intel Committee finds that Russia wanted to help Trump
  • Russia was trying to sow chaos, like it always has and does in many countries
  • Schools don’t teach much about communism, McCarthy is about all that’s taught and it’s taught incorrectly. He was mostly right, but is presented as though he was a terrible bad guy
  • Russia had basically no effect on the election and there’s no way to stop them anyway
  • Every country’s government has a favorite. So what?
  • Even if this is true, it doesn’t matter


  • Sound clip – Question for Trump about Roe vs Wade
  • David French interview
  • Mentioned Article
  • Libs hate Barrett because she’s a Catholic and takes it seriously
  • Amy Barrett involved with People of Praise, which is para-church organization, being implied that it’s a cult
  • Audio: Feinstein – Dogma lives loudly within you, Barrett’s reply
  • This was a problem because it really sounded like a religious test
  • This was like a preview of potential supreme court nomination
  • Barrett is imminently qualified
  • There really can be no qualification-based or record-based criticism
  • The only real argument that can be made is that she’s “just too darn Christian”
  • French thinks it will be Kavanaugh, Barrett or Kethledge.
  • French prefers either Barrett or Kethledge [ed: here’s the list]
  • There does not seem to be a serious argument against these people. The precedent thing is obviously not in good faith
  • Judicial philosophy is a major partisan issue now
  • Even some people who support abortion know that Roe was completely illegitimate from a legal perspective
  • If Abortion is so popular, then why worry about overturning Roe? It wouldn’t make abortion illegal it would just allow states to make it illegal if that’s what the people want.

1.34.14 – TV Pundits hate the president

  • Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, with F-Bomb response
  • Actually sounds like he spilled his coffee or something but Mike says it was in response to Huckabee-Sanders
  • Leftists that say terrible things about Republicans seem to get nice jobs at CNN
  • Left seems to really really hate her.
  • Buck thinks eventually the left will exhaust themselves over this.
  • Hate to see the comparisons to Tea Party
  • People threatening Rand Paul
  • Not helpful to see people in the media agreeing with this nonsense

1.38.49 – Roll Call

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