7/5/2018 Recap

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0.27 – Summary: Border; Family Separation; Supreme Court; Trump supporter had drink thrown in face

1.24 – Welcome Monologue

  • Buck getting used to DC lingo
  • Alex Azar: HHS Secretary sound clip
    • 11800 separated children, so far found that 2 parents are convicted rapists
    • Vast majority were sent across the border alone
  • Picture of crying girl, not separated, Mom kidnapped her
  • Propaganda value of the phrase “undocumented immigrant”
  • False idea that America owes the world
  • Alex Azar clip – Using DNA testing, due process debate, overwhelming the courts

13.55 – More on Border Separations

  • Court order forbids holding families together
  • If we have catch and release it incentivizes people bringing kids here illegally
  • Sound clip: Anti-ICE protest during arrest of Sex Traffickers (Federalist post)
  • Left all about anger and hate this year

19.15 – Supreme Court

  • Schumer claims to want Merrick Garland, as though that would be salve to the division
  • Once the left has done all the scorched earth stuff, now they want Trump to hold out the olive branch
  • Buck feels certain Trump will pick off his list
  • Future of country (Sound clip, Warren, Booker, others)
  • Difference between libs and conservatives on constitutional jurisprudence
  • Ben Cardin sound clip talking about the nominee
  • The idea of court balance is nonsense


  • Montage about how critical the supreme court nominee is (Ari Fleischer and CNN)
  • Religious test seems in the cards if it’s Amy Barrett

37.49 – Scott Pruitt out at EPA

  • Buck’s a contrarian on this
  • Brennan sound-clip on ethics
  • Gives anti-Trump movement ammunition
  • Seems like piddling expenses in the grand scheme of things
  • Left hates Pruitt because he is rolling back Obama-era regulations that acted as extra-legislative law-making
  • Crazy wetland regulation with huge fines
  • This will blow up in their face because the acting director is someone they hate even more.

54.46 – Morning Joe hates Alan Dershowitz

58.32 – Is Trump a racist

  • Sound clip – (Argument over Trump being a racist or not)
  • Buck’s personal experience
  • Trump just has the common touch, unlike the anchors who are wildly out of touch
  • Dyson soundclip about the evidence for Trump being a racist
  • All either wildly exaggerated or completely made up.

1.12.16 – Peter Strzok might take the fifth

  • Sound clip: Andy McCarthy on this
  • Buck is hearing that something major may be coming down the line involving Strzok.

1.17.14 – Attack on Trump supporter

  • Drink thrown in face
  • Sound clip of incident
  • Supposedly the kid had said racist stuff.
  • Hard to buy because the attacker didn’t say so, even in his own defense

1.31.56 Socialism is the Democrat’s future

  • Tom Perez saying that Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the Democrat Party
  • Jacobinmag refers to her as a “transformational candidate” (Article)
  • Calling for true socialism

1.36.51 Facebook flagged the Declaration of Independence as hate speech

1.42.00 Roll Call

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