Recap 07/09/2018

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0.13 – Summary: Supreme Court Nominee, Incivility, Breastfeeding politicization?1.03 – Supreme Court

  • Sound clip montage mocking Trump’s chance of winning
  • Enjoy how the Dems were soooo wrong
  • Supreme Court Nominee coming down the line
  • Dick Durbin sound clip on the bad spot red state dems are in
  • Dems might both fail to block the nominee and then lose their elections over it
  • Sound clip – Leftist madness about SCOTUS pick
  • Most major leftist victories came from the Supreme Court
  • Roberts let Obamacare live through legal gymnastics
  • Obamacare super sucks

14.50 – Supreme Court (cont)

  • Sound clip doubting that Dems would filibuster a SCOTUS nominee
  • All the options are excellent nominees
  • Sound clip: Blumenthal: Trump is trying to get out of criminal problems
  • Totally crazy argument that just makes no sense at all

18.56 – Kids don’t have any idea what’s going on

  • Campus Reform video: Everyone’s angry about the nomination that hasn’t happened yet
  • Bunch of NYU students who have no idea what’s going on have very extreme opinions
  • Propaganda is very effective
  • Kids are told that they need to be opposed to everything Trump is doing, especially the SCOTUS nominee
  • Calls, will RGB retire? Manafort vs Weinstein imprisonment

26.41 – Manafort unfairly treated

  • Sound clip about how Mueller is bad news
  • Long term view of the DOJ
  • Manafort DOES seem dirty, but…
  • Why is he being held in solitary confinement?
  • Manafort’s becoming the new Scooter Libby
  • Basically just tax evasion
  • The treatment is just wildly over the top

37.48 – Mitch McConnell harassed

  • WSJ says Amy Coney Barrett is out
  • Maybe next pick could still be her
  • Louisville doesn’t like Mitch McConnell, people threatening and following him
  • Left has the attitude of children
  • Left wins fight on words
  • Politically motivated stalking is going to lead to tragedy

54.05 – Bannon accosted

  • Bannon accosted in bookstore, owner called police on the crazy lady

58.22 – Socialism taking over Dems

  • Sound clip: Immigration is basically just racist – Ocasio-Cortez
  • Diversity seems to be code for non-white
  • Democrats are now openly socialist
  • Sound clip: Professor blaming others for crushing socialism rather than it failing itself
  • Socialism is government control, nothing more nothing less
  • Socialism HAS been tried and it is based on bad ideas, so it can never succeed

1.05.51 – Breastfeeding is political

  • Breastfeeding resolution slapped down by Trump admin on the orders of formula manufacturers? WHAT??
  • Trump tweeted out a refutation of this; in reality wanted to make sure women had ACCESS to formula if they wanted it

1.16.19 – Hillary running again?

  • Hillary is running again! Or at least it seems that way
  • Sound clip on 6/25 from Buck
  • Is Hillary Secretly planning to run (article on Drudge)
  • She’s making herself the captain of #Resistance
  • Some people think she’s just trying to pick the next president
  • Maybe some think the only way to restore justice to the world is to elect Hillary over Trump next time

1.27.40 – Supreme Court possibilities review

  • Supreme Court announcement pending
  • Adam White interview
  • Any of the final four might end up as a justice at some point
    • Brett Kavanaugh [ed: who was named]; Barrett; Kethledge; Hardiman
  • Adam says that he thinks that Trump could not be indicted under federal law
  • Probably presidential power will come up a lot

1.35.52 – Americans and their Pets

  • Buck’s crazy dog park
  • Americans spend $70B a year on pets
  • Fake Dog testes??

1.41.15 – Roll Call

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