Recap 07/10/2018

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0.14 – Summary: Kavanaugh; Conspiracy Theories, NATO Summit

0.59 – Welcome Monologue

  • Kavanaugh gets highest possible marks from everyone that knows him
  • Trump is keeping his promises, and this is a great example
  • Sound clip of the announcement
  • Only fight you can give is political fight. His credentials are impeccable.
  • Sound clip of Kavanaugh’s remarks
  • Conspiracy theory that Trump picked him to avoid criminal prosecution
  • Buck thinks that it’s pretty much completely irrational to think Trump is going to face any criminal prosecution
  • Get ready for the smears
  • Democrats are in the worst political position in recent memory, but still has control over media, education, culture
  • Could get dangerous if the left really gets desperate


  • Sound Clip: Unhinged leftists fighting against Trump and the Supreme Court pick
  • No consistent judicial theory, just figuring out what you want and contorting the law to support it


  • Sound clip: Tears over possibility of overturning abortion, supporting Trump
  • Lie about Justice Kennedy’s son giving Trump a loan (NY Times article)
  • Another theory that Kennedy picked his successor
  • Sound clip: Elizabeth Warren on Kavanaugh
  • Trying to make hay out of the fact that he briefly worked as an aide for Bush
  • Call: hypocrisy of the incivility of the left
  • Don’t forget that a Bernie Bro tried to murder Republican congressmen
  • Left has no sense of proportionality, and the idea that Republicans are legitimately evil and doing genuinely awful things makes it very dangerous
  • If you really believed what the media is saying, wouldn’t you be morally obligated to act?


  • Sound clip: Schumer being crazy
  • McAuliffe literally says that Kavanaugh threatens the lives of millions of people


  • Sound clip: Kavanaugh threatens the rights and liberties central to our nation. Worst nightmare of Parkland Students (Richard Blumenthal)
  • Obama appointed leftist activists who do damage to the very concept of law by their assertions that different laws apply to different people
  • No good faith argument that this guy doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court
  • Ann Coulter pointed out how the left loves to use victims to make their point
  • How many of the Parkland kids actually know the legal issues involved in DC vs Heller?
  • The only way to mobilize the left is to root against America, since everything is objectively going very well
  • Shannon Breen had to leave the live broadcast because the crowd was getting dangerous


  • Sound clip: Trump calling out illegal immigration
  • Kaitlyn Schallhorn article
  • A surprising number of things can be felonies in America, not ridiculous to apply that to illegal immigration
  • Borjas paper mentioned (possibly this one?)


  • Fake news about Trump and Kennedy colluding (article on this)
  • The fact that so many people retweeted one thing, then don’t retweet the correction creates fake news
  • SJWs attacking Scarlet Johannsen for playing a trans person
  • Business Insider published an editorial criticizing the criticism, then pulled it down because it upset the staff of Business Insider
  • With all the problems in the world it seems insane to be upset about this kind of thing


  • Trump sound clip on Europe taking advantage of us
  • NATO has served its original purpose, now its reasonable to rethink it
  • Hard to see a winning state in Afghanistan, maybe time to pull out
  • Sound clip (Ari Fleischer) on NATO under spending
  • Trump tends to approach stuff in a non-ideological way
  • Sound clip: Donald Tusk on Trump not having allies


  • Sound clip: Nigel Firange on Theresa May’s betrayal of Brexit
  • Interview with Raheem Kassam on British Deep State
  • Theresa May was a Remain voter and presented a Brexit plan that largely kept Britain in a lot of the parts of the EU that people most disliked.
  • Several cabinet members resigned in anger when May put her plan out
  • What is the remain side scared of? Losing the bureaucratic system they have built up
  • No Go Zones – Buck Recommended book by Kassam
  • Article mentioned, Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain
  • Brexit Derangement Syndrome is a thing
  • The dynamics of Brexit are similar to those of Trump
  • Left keeps losing over and over and pretending it doesn’t count or it can’t be allowed to stand
  • Left calls losing an election a failure of democracy


  • Interview – John Solomon (article)
  • Multiple versions of the dossier floating around
  • Very strange that this didn’t raise red flags
  • Also sourcing of the dossier was very questionable
  • Next thing coming will possibly be even more damaging for the DOJ
  • Lisa Page interview soon
  • Was the CIA running the FBI?


  • Jeffrey Toobin – Astoundingly wrong about everything
  • Supposedly the framers didn’t realize how long judges would serve because supposedly they didn’t know people could live this long, according to Toobin.
  • Desperate attempt to figure out a way to invalidate this Supreme Court nominee

1.38.09 – Roll Call

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