Recap 07/11/2018

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1.13 – Summary: NATO, Anti-Kavanaugh


  • Sound clip argument at NATO
  • Trump calling Germany out for buying Russian oil while claiming the need for protection
  • The reason for NATO’s existence no longer exists, so why are we still in it?
  • Sound clip: Christiane Amanpour calls it unprecedented
  • Not saying we’re gonna leave, but we should at least ask
  • Trump armed Ukranians which is a bad thing from Putin’s perspective
  • Obama wasn’t making much progress on Russia either (Red Notice book mentioned)
  • Russia’s bad, but its not good to mess with people that have nukes
  • Magnitsky was denied medical treatment, then the guards beat him to death, wanted to make an example of him.
  • Novichok is the nerve agent they used to kill ex-spy
  • Obama didn’t want to punish those responsible for Magnitsky’s death because he was looking to improve relations with Russia. (They eventually passed the Magnitsky Act)


  • Sound clip: How bad Trump’s questioning of NATO is, how it will blow up the alliance, how the money subject is unfair
  • The mentality is bad, that they can just free-load on defense.


  • Sound clip – Trump talking about how they could increase spending tomorrow if they wanted to
  • Trump upending a lot of bi-partisan consensus
  • Russia has a large natural gas export to Germany which gives them leverage
  • Not just about the money, having skin in the game is important too.
  • Makes them think differently about their foreign policy.
  • Sound clip – Senator Barrasso says Trump is right that dependency on Russian energy is bad news.
  • Black block protesters got an early start protesting German nuclear power
  • Left just uses this as a way to attack Trump
  • Sound clip – Senator Barrasso Russia will use energy to gain advantage
  • Fracking has really put us in a good geopolitical position
  • Our economic clout is essential to our position in the world and the left is always trying to undermine that.
  • Putin has gotten very lucky by happening to be in power while the Russian middle class has developed.
  • Journalists getting the people to see Russia as an enemy instead of an opportunity helps Putin.



  • Sound clip: Kavanaugh could be the swing vote on whether Trump can pardon himself, as well as fear-mongering about Roe
  • Liberalism has entered true hysteria
  • Varad Mehta tweet about how environmentalists will not be able to push their stuff through a more conservative Supreme Court.
  • Left is ticked because without judicial fiat they will have to actually convince people to agree with them and pass some laws/amendments.
  • Whenever they win, it seems like it lasts forever, so it’s better than a law.
  • Left cares much more about Roe than about the Constitution
  • Also there’s a vested interest in not admitting that what you did or benefited from might not have been morally right
  • Left sees government as the moral arbiter, unlike people who are deeply religious


  • Sound clip – Schumer on how bad Kavanaugh is
  • How exactly has Trump over-reached more than any president in history?
  • Is it the enforcing the rule of law part?
  • Article Describing Emily Peck Self-ownage
  • Opposition is disturbing for its lack of any substence
  • Hypocrisy about using personal characteristics to make justices more appealing


  • Elite universities are not churning out the candidates they used to.
  • Indoctrination is a problem because these people will be making big decisions eventually
  • Yale Law students wrote open letter condemning Brett Kavanaugh (article about this)
  • Left is replacing rule of law with mob rule.
  • No longer the case that the left sees conservatism as an opposing view but as a completely unacceptable violent ideaology
  • This could lead to violence, as progressives increasingly view our ideas as a threat


  • Sound clip – Lisa Page not showing up for congressional subpoena
  • Says she needs more time to review relevant documents.
  • Special rules for her, we’d have a warrant out for our arrest.
  • Might get arrested for contempt of Congress


  • Joe Concha interview
  • Shannon Breen mocked for feeling threatened at Supreme Court announcement
  • Media is saying false, misleading and extremely reckless things.


  • Sound clip – Rick Wilson on the cruelty of border separation, claims of racism
  • Seems like all deep blue places are a total wreck
  • The real reason people switched away from Dems is that their plans failed miserably.
  • Remember how it was no longer possible to get to 3% growth?


  • Borat somehow got away with a bunch of Muslim stereotypes
  • Now Sacha Baron Cohen is making a new thing where he supposedly fakes being a disabled veteran

1.40.04 – Roll Call

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