Recap 07/12/2018

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0.13 – Summary: Peter Strzok interview; NATO Summit;

1.10 –

  • Sound clip of Strzok interview (John Radcliffe)
  • Strzok relied heavily on IG conclusion of “no active bias”, despite all the bias shown in the IG report
  • Strzok had the desire and the means to try and stop Trump, but claims that there was no motivation there.
  • Standard of Evidence seems to have been raised to the point that without a recorded confession there is no way to prove it.
  • Of course the standard seems to be much lower for FISA warrant, etc.
  • Trey Gowdy sound clip of hearing
  • Left doesn’t seem to have any real rules that they intend to abide by
  • Democrats shamelessly ran interference


  • Sound clip – Trey Gowdy: Questioning Mueller’s reasons for firing Strzok
  • Strzok claims that his characterization of Trump supporters was just about a county rivalry


  • Sound clip – Strzok claims that at no time did his opinions affect his behavior
  • Try to imagine if this was a regular employer who dislikes New Jersey
  • Sound clip – Democrats applauding Strzok
  • Sound clip – Louis Gohmer fighting with Democrats, brought up Strzok’s wife


  • Sound clip – Committee has him read his own texts
  • Sound clip – Dems would give him a purple heart for being put through this
  • Sound clip – Strzok explains a text then claims he doesn’t remember sending it


  • Sound clip montage about how bad Trump’s actions at NATO are, Trump’s response
  • Buck really doesn’t want to have to send troops in because Europe has none (article mentioned)
  • Germany has 180,000 members of the military, who knows how many would be combat ready
  • We provide about 70% of all the defense spending for NATO, even though the EU has a larger economy
  • Do we really think that Russia is a military threat?
  • Sound clip on how Trump is doing Putin’s bidding
  • It’s silly to say that asking Europe to improve their military is “doing Putin’s work”
  • Sound clip – Trump’s take on the meeting
  • Sound clip – Stable Genuis 😀
  • Sound clip on whether Putin is an enemy
  • If we’re gonna call Russia an enemy, we should DEFINITELY call China an enemy


  • Sound clip on how Trump loves Putin


  • Getting on Brett Kavanaugh for his baseball ticket spending
  • Left can’t find anything to get him on.
  • Internecine conflict from Ocasio-Cortez and Crowley
  • Is Crowley considering a third party run?


  • Sound clip – Jon Meacham on how Trump is a sexist
  • Sound clip – Republicans piling on about NATO
  • Bloomberg opinion writer tweet on how awful the country has been over the last twenty years (link)
  • Let’s not forget that the 2000 election “stolen” narrative is just completely false


  • Sound clip – Victor Davis Hanson on how crazy the opposition to Trump has been
  • Russia probe is totally unhinged
  • In no way was Obama tough on Russia until he was on the way out
  • Let’s not forget how little the Apology Tour helped in the Middle East


  • Sound clip asking if we should abandon the meaning of the Constitution in favor of what people would prefer it to say now
  • All Originalism is, is reading the words and trying to understand what they mean and what they were intended to mean. Anything else is making up your own law.
  • As a function of law, Roe is completely indefensible
  • No actual civil arguments to be made anymore from the left, just unhinged opposition on any grounds they can find


  • Stormy Daniels arrested for indecent behavior in Columbus OH
  • Avenatti calls it a politically motivated hit job

1.37.48 – Roll Call

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