Recap 07/13/2018

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0.04 – Summary: Hacking indictments; Trump in the UK; Summit with Putin coming


  • Sound clip – Rod Rosenstein: summary of indictment charges
  • Indictments are against Russians that won’t show up for trial
  • Sound clip – Rod Rosenstein: not about collusion or changing votes
  • We have to take this on faith. Not that it’s a lie, just that we can’t confirm anything from evidence.
  • Timing seems relevant to the fact that Trump is meeting with Putin early next week
  • Sound clip on how Trump needs to make demands of Putin
  • We still met with the Soviets while they were doing much worse things
  • Freezing out Russia is just not an option.
  • Sound clip – Adam Schiff: Trump is untrustworthy
  • Sound clip – Obama hot mic: That Obama will  have more flexibility after the election


  • Sound clip – Trump: Having relationships with Russia or North Korea
  • No good explanation for why you would be belligerent toward Russia but not China


  • Sound clip – Trump is shaking up the status quo
  • No point in having a conversation that just reaffirms the status quo.
  • Obama was all about style over substance, but Trump is delivering on substance
  • Sound clip – Andrea Mitchell: Decrying Trump’s criticism of Theresa May
  • Germany is under Russia’s thumb far more than they would like to admit because of energy dependence
  • Sound clip – Trump on how Germany is making bad decisions


  • Sound clip – Rosenstein talking about how we have to push back against Russian interference; Strzok fighting back during hearing
  • The Russian collusion thing has just totally fallen across party lines
  • Clearly DOJ overreach occurred.
  • The argument now is that because he was unsuccessful he couldn’t have been trying
  • There WERE effective leaks against Flynn
  • Stone seems a bit worried about getting prosecuted, Page does not
  • Sad truth is that this has served its purpose regardless if they fail at proving Russia collusion


  • Sound clip – Trump on Boris Johnson and Theresa May, Giving May suggestion on how to handle Brexit
  • There was a Trump baby balloon flying in the UK
  • No substance to the left’s complaints about Trump’s treatment of Britian
  • The idea that supporting Brexit is undermining the UK forgets that the people voted *for* Brexit
  • Sound clip – Theresa May on how they still intend to leave the EU
  • Sound clip – Trump reminding us that Obama was dead-set against Brexit
  • When we ask foreign policy wonks what Trump should do differently, there’s really no answer. It’s all about what he’s saying
  • Sound clip – Trump on immigration struggle in the EU
  • Sound clip – Complimenting Theresa May


  • Sound clip – Trump slamming CNN
  • Sound clip – Trump slamming NBC
  • The left wing media doesn’t make much of an effort to ask real questions, just stuff to make a point against the president
  • Sound clip – Rex Paris: talking about neckties
  • History of the neck tie, came from Croatian mercenaries


  • Friday the 13th, is Buck superstitious?
  • Horror movies are very profitable because they can be pretty low budget
  • History of Friday the 13th, came from Last Supper and Judas, also related to the execution of the Knights Templar


  • Scarlett Johansson quit her most recent movie because SJWs were angry that she was playing a transgender person
  • Hollywood left is working against themselves here because they like to have big name movie stars make their pet victim class seem likable and relate-able.
  • Business Insider took down a column that tried to make the case that actors are allowed to play people that they are not, then put out a new set of standards


  • Progressivism is all about emotionalism
  • Environmentalism has hit a new low with a ban on straws
  • Starbucks refuse to use straws
  • But unfortunately the new lids use more plastic (Reason article)
  • Also is bad for disabled and elderly who sometimes have motor skill issues

1.34.00 – Roll Call

1.47.13 – Roll Call Part 2

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