Recap 07/16/2018

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0.14 – Summary: Treason summit?


  • Sound clip – Trump explaining his approach to Russia, explaining about the hacks
  • Everyone, even many Republicans are piling on the shame
  • The Russian interference is just so low-key it’s completely unhinged to be upset about it. Definitely not on the scale of Pearl Harbor.
  • Seems hypocritical to say that there was nothing bad in the emails but revealing them was the worst thing since 9/11.
  • Media, by and large, is just opposing Trump reflexively, no attempt to be remotely honest or forthright on the analysis. Pure propaganda.
  • The thing that Buck dislikes about Trump’s approach is the suggestion that there is any moral equivalence between Russia and the USA.
  • The Russian oligarchs are thugs.
  • Nothing has changed as a result of this meeting.
  • Trump’s very unpredictability is a benefit to world strategy.


  • Sound clip – Everyone hating on Trump for his meeting with Putin
  • Brennan believes that Trump committed treason by being nice to Putin. (Article on this)


  • Sound clip critical of Trump’s refutation of the intelligence agency
  • What do we think would have happened if he had agreed with the intelligence agencies? Nothing. No one is going to give him good will because of that.
  • Never Trumpers are seriously missing how dangerous Hillary would have been
  • When Obama was around, we heard nothing but screams about how incompetent our intelligence agencies are based on the WMDs fiasco. Also called everyone involved “torturers”. If you want to talk about undermining institutions…
  • Main story-line with Black Lives Matter is that all cops are racist.
  • Now everyone claims that Trump is demonizing law enforcement?
  • Sound clip – Trump asking about all the servers and evidence that has been hidden or destroyed.
  • Funny how the leftist media was very nice to Russia when they were a Soviet hellhole literally threatening to destroy or enslave the entire planet.
  • Former FBI and CIA directors criticizing Trump and calling him a traitor.
  • Is it worth questioning the intelligence community when all of their leaders are so rabidly anti-Trump? Is it reasonable to believe that the analysis they gave was non-partisan?


  • Sound clip – People trying to get Trump to denounce Putin, Trump deflects to needing to see evidence, and Putin’s denial.
  • The IC’s partisan attacks on Trump certainly makes what they have questionable, especially since he would know whether or not he colluded. Hard not to deny the assessment of Russian involvement when they are accusing him of stuff that he knows he didn’t do.


  • Sound clip – Putin’s response on whether they have compromising material on Trump, denies it. Crazy to believe that they collected compromising material on 500 people at once, having no idea that any of them would end up being in a position to matter to them.
  • This is all just a psychotic anger-fest over the lost access, jobs and favor when Clinton failed to become president.
  • Obviously not a real question because even if they had done so, he would never admit it.
  • What could we imagine that they have on Trump that would really make a difference? Our own media has already thrown everything imaginable at him.
  • Women arrested in DC for being a Russian agent. Charged with conspiracy.
  • If anything, the undermining of trust in our election process by the Russia nonsense is playing into Putin’s hands
  • There’s nothing that could conceivably be done to prevent this.
  • And really, this is not a serious threat to our electoral system.
  • Obviously the indictments are frivolous. No way would it be possible to prosecute these people. Espionage is all about doing underhanded stuff. Clearly we would not allow CIA agents to be prosecuted for breaking foreign laws.


  • Sound clip – Schumer claiming Trump is putting Russian interests over Americans
  • False equivalence between Trump’s lies and media lies
  • Sound clip – Bolton says Trump is wasting his time trying to demand stuff that isn’t going to happen
  • Left just wants Trump to antagonize Putin for no reason
  • Rand Paul on how this is all a load of poop. (DC article)


  • Sound clip of Ocasio-Cortez interview on economics
  • The future of the Democratic Party clearly has no idea about the history of capitalism
  • Always a bunch of vague stories and statistics that you can never pin people down on.
  • Sound clip more Ocasio-Cortez on Palastine
  • This girl has no clue what she’s talking about and pretends to.


  • San Francisco mayor talking about poop on the sidewalks
  • There are a lot of people around this area who choose vagrancy over a productive life.
  • This is not to be confused with people who have substance abuse or mental illness issues, but there is a movement to just opt out of normal life.
  • Of course this is exacerbated by the liberal attitude that people wanting to crack down on vagrancy are cruel.
  • The streets of San Francisco are becoming more and more dangerous because of the health risks, as well as crime and just public decency issues
  • Quote from preschool teacher – The streets are covered in poop and needles.
  • Quote from mayor blaming it on bad education of homeless cleaning up after themselves. (source)
  • This is the problem with liberalism, the ideas sound like they just want to be nice, but stuff collapses when you try to actually implement it


  • Transgender Mrs. Universe candidate trying to indoctrinate school children. (source)
  • Biological males cannot become biological females.
  • Its incredibly dangerous to allow people to be modified with plastic surgery and hormone treatments when they are suffering from gender dysphoria.


  • Sacha Baron Cohen is making fun of Muslims without saying that that’s what he’s doing
  • His new show, This Is America he tricks right wingers into saying silly things
  • But it’s kinda telling that he doesn’t do this toward say… transgender activists.
  • Not really edgy to make fun of Republicans.


  • Garrett Matthias a kid that died of cancer at 5, wrote his own obituary. (source)


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