Recap 07/17/2018

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0.14 – Summary: Trump’s Helsinki clarifications, Andy McCarthy and Jeanine Pirro


  • Sound clip – Trump clarifying Helsinki remarks
  • People are calling it a walk-back
  • Trying to make everyone happy over it. But of course the reaction is not everyone suddenly saying “Oh good that settles it then.”
  • Trump playing to Orwellian nonsense about how speech is more important than policy
  • Way over the top when its a Republican thing the media have a problem with, very tiny reaction to Democratic things
  • Left is becoming completely hysterical over Russia
  • Clearly this is wildly out of proportion, since Obama didn’t think it was important enough to raise the alarm about
  • Sound clip – People claiming that we need to take to the street to protest Russia
  • Buck asked people what we should do about this, since they call it “an act of war”
  • The Democrat said that we should hack Russia’s banking system and shut it down in response to the Russian Facebook accounts.


  • Sound clip – saying this is similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Pearl Harbor, 9/11
  • General says that this is “Our Pearl Harbor” (source)
  • This is wacko nonsense that is so over the top it is impossible to parody


  • Sound clip – Assessing the Lisa Page interview, says the texts meant what they said
  • Interview with Andy McCarthy on this
  • Good that the interview is not being leaked much
  • Apparently the FBI and DOJ didn’t tell her that Congress wanted to speak to her
  • Hard to imagine that this isn’t FBI obstructionism
  • Arrested Maria Butina who was involved in some convoluted way with Collusion theories
  • McCarthy feels like the investigation is very troubling because it all looks politically motivated
  • These indictments are a farce (mentioned article)
  • Is there anyone that should be pardoned? McCarthy says Flynn


  • Concern over Russia changing election is overshadowed by the actual voter fraud that we’re not allowed to look into


  • Sound clip – Rand Paul the people who started the Russia stuff are all completely untrustworthy and politically motivated
  • Democrats always take care of their own, Republicans are always in a hurry to condemn one another
  • Sound clip – Mitch McConnel condemning Russia and how we need to be clear about how much Russia is a threat
  • Wolf Blizter tried to hammer Rand on this
  • Sound clip – Wolf talking over Rand
  • Media has a facade of neutrality
  • Strategy is to construct a huge complex narrative and then try to turn it into one yes or no question that if you answer yes, you are implicitly endorsing the narrative, but if you say no, they can catch you on some minor factoid that you are disagreeing with.
  • They do this with climate change


  • Sound clip – People piling on Romney for thinking Russia is an issue
  • Russia is so much farther ahead than they were Soviet, and so much less of a threat


  • Interview with Jeanine Pirro (book mentioned)
  • Russia collusion narrative is their insurance policy against Trump
  • Nastiness of the left trying to shame people into taking their side
  • Is Judge Jeanine going to be tapped to be AG?


  • Sound clip – Obama complaining about fake news
  • No such thing as global opinion
  • Sound clip – Racial discrimination and historical oppression still a problem
  • Access to credit? Let’s not forget that the financial crisis was caused by getting rid of credit limitations because they said it was racist
  • This could lead to another crash like the last one or worse
  • Community Reinvestment Act was a major part of this
  • Government sued banks for being racist
  • Sound clip – Obama calling for considering other people’s point of view


  • Papa John Chairman resigned over a racial slur
  • Now he says he wishes he hadn’t resigned
  • Buck feels no words should be banned in any and all contexts just because of who you are.
  • Didn’t use a slur against anyone, or casually drop it, he was quoting another person
  • Seems like there is no mercy when people apologize, so you’re going to see people refuse to apologize for anything
  • We should be concerned about the character of the person and if the context shows that they aren’t racist or displaying racism it can’t be just wrong to say the word like it’s a magic spell.


  • Cops found a lot pug (link)
  • Walter Carr walked to his job so that he could be there for the first day (video on this)
  • Buck’s opinion – Don’t try to go big on your first day
  • Also, don’t show up to work with wet hair
  • Don’t be late on your first day


  • Sound clip – Schwarzenegger making fun of Trump

1.40.52 – Roll Call (book mentioned)

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