Recap 07/18/2018

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1.14 – Summary: Trump now says the Russians meddled, Latest on Maria Butina arrested, San Francisco voting changes


  • Supposedly the meeting with Putin and Trump had was very productive
  • Can’t really keep major policy changes secret since he would have to tell someone in order to implement them.
  • US and China policy might be changing.
  • Media too obsessed with what Trump says and particular words and statistics.
  • Seems like the Helsinki freak-out has mostly passed.
  • We’re really getting a glimpse of the face of the Deep State
  • Sound clip – Brennan saying that Trump betrayed the American public
  • Sound clip – Trump calling Brennan a “bad guy”, calling out the Deep State
  • Is it really reasonable to say that these people weren’t trying to abuse their power?
  • Rand Paul was the only one from the Republican side that seemed to have a straight look on this.
  • Trump definitely has the worst situation to come into of any president in recent memory


  • Sound clip – Schumer warning Trump that the IC would get him if he didn’t play ball
  • The crazy hyperbole would seem like there’s no conceivable justification, but from the left’s perspective Trump’s election is the thing that’s as bad as 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.


  • Sound clip – Sarah Sanders on how insane the media has become.
  • Funny that the media gets mad at people distrusting them when they give us overwhelming reason to do so
  • The reason these news outlets keep the veneer of non-partisanship is to help their viewers to believe that their perspective
  • It should be amazingly obvious that these networks are run completely by Democrats and give you a 100% partisan view of every situation. They may not be misreporting actual facts, but the narrative they are building is completely without intellectual honesty.
  • A lot of these news outlets’ reps in the press corps just lob attacks and monologues disguised as questions.
  • Like “Is voter suppression what the president wants?” or “why should the president have credibility on anything?”
  • Sound clip – Sanders on how Trump is trying to make sure that the Russians can’t influence our elections.
  • Soviets were trying to influence our elections forever, including having journalists in their pockets (book mentioned)
  • It is also the case that America definitely does this to other countries
  • What is the threshold for “under attack”? At what point do we really consider ourselves to be in a real conflict that warrants retaliation?
  • Sound clip – Hallie Jackson asking why we should give credence to anything Trump says
  • Obama’s lie about keeping our plans was a huge lie that negatively affects everyone in the country, as opposed to being an exaggeration or a lie that makes no difference to your life


  • Sound clip – Larry Kudlow on GDP growth
  • The tendency for the last twenty years is to always assume we’re on the verge of a crash, but there’s nothing about economics that forces this to be the outcome. [ed: Austrians would say that the easy money policies from the Fed guarantee a crash at some point, but it could potentially be surfed, though its unlikely]


  • Sound clip – Trump saying he’s been the toughest on Russia, pointing out that his policies are what counts
  • Obviously we are being targeted on some level by Russian intelligence. They are always pushing for some advantage.
  • Our intellectual property and technology is being stolen by the Chinese, for example
  • Trying to paint a picture of a new cold war with Russia is not a winning message
  • Sound clip – Mollie Hemingway asking what more Trump could conceivably *do* rather than say, and pointing out that the libs are a little too obsessed with words
  • Sound clip – Jim McGovern going insane over Trump’s Russia stance
  • The left keeps pushing all these conspiracies that never go anywhere
  • Maria Butina is the new angle


  • Sound clip – Red light is blinking, just as it was before 9/11, Trump’s meeting with Putin is a “national emergency”.
  • Supposedly Maria Butina was dating a Republican as part of a conspiracy, used sex as a way to get in with some special opportunity


  • Caller Judy on how the RINOs and left wing are showing their true colors
  • San Francisco is going to let illegal immigrants vote on School Board elections
  • This will end up leading to voting in more than just this
  • Trash in the streets is a major indicator of whether the society is dysfunctional
  • Liberalism run amok destroys places.


  • Sacha Baron Cohen trying to catch people on candid film to show America
  • Rob Reiner’s movie was a total flop


  • Sound clip – Republican voters not sad about Trump and Putin
  • Good that they’re actually trying to figure out what Trump voters think
  • Sound clip – More Today show, refuting the Republican backlash
  • It’s frustrating that the Republicans don’t show a united front
  • Sound clip – Dershowitz on how the worst anti-Trump stuff comes from Republicans
  • Just because Mueller and Comey were Republicans doesn’t mean that they’re even-handed
  • Comey calling on everyone to vote Democrat no matter what your policy preferences are doesn’t scream Republican


  • Sound clip – Report on Thai soccer team having been rescued.
  • Survived for 17 days underground, got water by licking condensation off of stalactites in total darkness
  • One rescuer died during the rescuer
  • Interview: Shawn Matsen
  • Extremely dangerous to dive through caves


  • Sound clip MSNBC – We should rewrite the Constitution and replace Trump
  • Liberals really don’t have a message.
  • Sound clip – Sports section also talking about politics
  • Some player named Haider apparently did a bunch of racist tweets when he was in high school

1.39.50 – Roll Call

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