Recap 07/19/2018

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0.14 – Summary: Is Trump Putin’s worst enemy, was Obama involved with the Mueller Probe, Abolish ICE, What is masculinity


  • Sound clip – Trump on how harshly he has treated Russia, compared to Obama’s treatment of Russia. Warns that if things don’t work out, he will be Putin’s enemy
  • Trump is becoming invincible to critique because they’ve already said the worst possible stuff about him
  • Sound clip – Rand Paul pushing back against Trump Derangement Syndrome
  • Left’s desire to up tensions with Russia is really just about discrediting Trump
  • Deep state looks pretty obvious when you have every significant “public servant” coming out as a rabid, reckless, anti-Trump partisan.
  • If this was such a 9/11, Pearl Harbor moment, why did Obama sit on it until after the election?
  • Sound clip – Clapper says Obama is a hero for ordering an intelligence assessment, this led directly to the Mueller probe
  • So how much of the Russia probe was ordered by Obama?
  • What if the FBI is slow rolling the investigations into abuse of power in the hopes that Democrats retake the house, so that they can cover not only themselves, but also Obama?


  • Sound clip – Is there a risk that Trump could have been recorded


  • Sound clip – calling on people to get vocational education because companies need the labor. He signs an executive order to establish an education program. He definitely believes that the intelligence community was out to get him.
  • Frustrating that we keep getting derailed onto the Russia nonsense instead of focusing on the economic aspect of how the country is doing
  • Pretending that Trump is Hitler, or a Russian puppet is a way to make the left feel better about the fact that Clinton lost
  • Sound clip – Joe DiGenova has had it with Brennan, calls him a traitor for sharing false information, Leon Panetta also is a scumbag
  • This narrative is incredibly destructive because it vilifies everyone who voted for Trump and creates personal animosity between people who disagree
  • Mark Duplass recommended Ben Shapiro as a reasonable person to follow if you want to get a different perspective, was torched on twitter
  • New Yorker likes to smear people by association with truly disreputable folks


  • Caller – Mike on San Francisco defecation.


  • Sound clip – Chris Wray supporting the Mueller probe and DNI saying Russians are out to get us
  • If we say that the election was somehow tainted by fake news on facebook and some phishing, then we can never trust an election again
  • If this was such a big deal, Obama had a responsibility to call it out when it was happening. But of course he didn’t because he figured he’d still get his way
  • It’s only a big deal to the left because they see Trump’s election as an absolute disaster


  • Sound clip – Abolish ICE protest, blaming them for humanitarian failures
  • Calling to occupy airports, etc. Callback to Occupy Wall Street
  • Left seems basically to not think that illegal immigration is criminal
  • Republicans brought up an Abolish ICE bill for a vote. Both parties grandstanding
  • Republicans voted not to abolish, some Democrats voted to abolish, most Democrats abstained. Strange that this is seen as a good tactic, shows just how far left the Democrats have been pulled.
  • Democrats would be much better off if they just got a grip and acted normal, since Republicans really have been somewhat disappointing
  • Sound clip – John Thune advising the Democrats not to be pulled to the left
  • Democrats have not even been hitting their popular issues


  • Sound clip – Are Democrats shooting themselves in the foot by labeling themselves as Socialists? (Stephanie Rule asking Warren)
  • The lack of understanding of socialism is shocking
  • All the so-called “Socialist” countries are actually just welfare states with very free economies. Heavily capitalist countries with outrageously high tax rates
  • The only hope of providing what they want is to pay 50% or so for middle class incomes in taxes
  • Democrats only hope is to present a moderate Republican message re-branded as Democrat.


  • Sound clip – Trump would love to take on Biden for president
  • Ny Times is warning that the blue wave might not happen (article)
  • Gotta wonder how bad things will be if Republicans keep control in the midterms
  • Tweet on the fear of what will happen (tweet)


  • Sound clip – Anti-masculinity ad
  • Cultural push to end distinctions between the genders
  • Absurd to deny this common sense reality
  • Also damaging to denigrate the masculine virtues.
  • This is destructive to human civilization in general.
  • The need for women to be like men is also bad


  • Sound clip – Jeanine Pirro’s appearance on the View
  • The media creates a perspective that the whole world agrees with liberals and the case has been made and won against Trump
  • Axios poll 40% approve of how Trump handled the press conference, even after the full court press of the media calling it worse than Pearl Harbor


  • Sound clip – Mark Zuckerberg on how to handle fake news
  • Buck’s prediction: The internet will start cracking down on right-leaning stuff

1.38.55 – Roll Call

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