Recap 07/20/2018

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0.14 – Summary: American people aren’t worried about Russia, Midterms, Immigration, Low Wages = Violence??


  • Sound clip – Comparing Helsinki to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Calling it treason
  • Liberals are completely losing their minds.
  • CNN has found a new possible mistress for Trump to turn up to 11
  • Hard to figure out why CNN is slamming on this stuff so much
  • CNN pivoted away from Russia remarkably quickly. Seems very obvious that their tactics weren’t working
  • They seem to be thinking they can dredge something up that will really finally make people turn on Trump, seems unlikely.


  • Sound clip – Shameful that Democrats didn’t vote against Abolishing ICE
  • Buck thought Abolish ICE was a tactical move, but it might have just been a stupid mistake
  • Can’t abolish ICE without either replacing it with something that is functionally the same thing, or ceasing to enforce immigration law entirely.
  • Dems have no economic message and can’t win on a message of amnesty, they may be in serious trouble for the mid-terms
  • If Dems lose in the fall, it will be pandemonium.
  • Fun to see how an “unqualified” regular business man is doing so well with the economy


  • Sound clip – Seems remarkably convenient that every time we get some new info on how corrupt the FBI is some new news story comes down the pipeline
  • If Trump had asked Rosenstein to hold off on the indictments, do we really think that that wouldn’t have leaked to the press?
  • If you want to see how corrupt the DOJ is, look no further than Tony Podesta getting offered immunity in exchange for testifying against Manafort
  • The left seems to be totally fine with using the criminal justice system as a blatant political tool
  • They’re threatening life in prison for Manafort because he’s connected to Trump, despite giving immunity to everyone in Clinton’s orbit
  • The FARA registration violations are an obvious political weapon because they are so rarely prosecuted. The law is so vague as to be meaningless, so it’s used whenever it’s convenient and ignored the rest of the time.
  • Sound clip – Rand Paul pointing out that Brennan is unhinged, basically calling for the death penalty for the president. If he has security clearance that’s concerning.
  • CNN is just having a feud with Trump. They tend to present themselves as though they are just centrists, but in reality they are far to the left.


  • claims that low wages are “violence” (tweet)
  • This claim that speech or wages are “violence” is wildly reckless
  • Restaurants are a very low margin business, it’s unlikely that the owner of wherever this guy works has the money to pay him $15 an hour [ed: the whole thing stinks to high heaven anyway. There are basically no minimum wage jobs left in major cities, much less ones where you have legitimately good workers]


  • Sound clip – Trump calling for confronting trade abuses, Wray calling China our most significant intelligence threat
  • Given all the nonsense over Russia, the fact that no one seems to care about China betrays how this is not serious
  • China is obviously building an empire, and we will lose our edge over them if they keep stealing our intellectual property.
  • By the way, seems likely that China is also trying to influence our elections, along with probably a lot of other countries.
  • Obama knew this was going on and didn’t think it was a big deal until Trump got elected. And *that* is what they mean about this being like 9/11
  • The liberal belief system has equated leftism to religion.
  • Similar to Islamic fundamentalism in the sense that they can’t imagine how their side, being so right, is losing.


  • Sound clip – Trump accomplished opening a line to Putin
  • We really don’t know where the Russia thing or the North Korea thing are going. We’re in the very early stages of negotiation.
  • Sound clip – Nikki Haley on how China is not cooperating in the North Korea issue
  • Trump is giving military aid to Ukraine, which is obviously not what Russia would want


  • Interview with Louis Gohmer
  • Democrats do seem to be nicer off-camera, but they are full-throated in their desire to rid the country of Trump
  • Outrageous that the Democrats don’t stand up to say that the abuse of the DOJ is wrong, regardless of “team”
  • Gohmer wanted to be sure that Trump didn’t back down like Bush did when he took office
  • The deep state is trying to run down the clock


  • Sound clip – Joe Biden montage, how crazy he is
  • Biden seems to be Democrat’s hope for 2020
  • Left seems to be hoping that the socialist wing will bring the energy
  • Sound clip – Obama talking tough on immigration
  • Funny how the left seems to judge things based on the rhetoric, right judges based on the policies
  • Perhaps Kamala Harris will come up in the presidential election, but unlikely to impress


  • Sound clip – Whoopi Goldberg defending her words with Jeanine Pirro
  • Whoopi lost it when she was accused of having Trump Derangement Syndrome
  • After all the stuff about civility, its only the Republicans that seem to have suffered from attacks.
  • Left is pulling the “stop hitting yourself” by calling on Republicans to be civil
  • Also not very kind to invite someone on your show then rip them apart


  • Sound clip – Roseanne trying to defend her tweet
  • Bad idea to tweet stuff if you’re not careful
  • Sacha Baron Cohen’s new thing isn’t funny

1.34.13 – Roll Call

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