Recap 07/23/2018

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0.14 – Summary: Pulling Security Clearances, FISA abuse is unveiled, Left increasingly unhinged


  • Sound clip – Sanders speaking on Trump wanting to remove security clearances for Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe
  • These people should not be actively involved in political commentary.
  • The clearances may not be active, depending on the circumstances.
  • But really this is about making a point.
  • Let’s not forget that there are some high level people, though we do not know who, that have illegally leaked information to throw Trump into a bad light.
  • Brennan has accused the president of treason, and broadly hinted that he has information that would change the view of Trump if we only knew it
  • The more we find out about the Russia collusion nonsense the more ridiculous it seems
  • Imagine how much undermining of institutions is occurring through the selling of the former deep state guys commentary to news organizations.
  • Seeing just how ridiculous these people makes Americans wonder what kind of idiots are running these institutions. It also seems apparent that they are the centerpiece of what looks like an attempt to overthrow the results of an election. That has to do damage to the view of these institutions.


  • Sound clip – Sanders on the FISA memo releases
  • The FISA release is so obviously without merit it’s difficult to overstate
  • For the FBI to believe this would be so laughably credulous it defies credence.


  • Sound clip from Goodlatte and Dershowitz – FISA warrants were based on the dossier, FBI withheld pertinent information about the dossier
  • Interview with Andy McCarthy (related article)
  • The FBI is supposed to be confident that the information they present is verified because generally people don’t know what is in the warrant.
  • Seems obvious that if there was corroborating evidence behind the redactions, they wouldn’t be redacted.
  • If they had good independent corroboration, they wouldn’t need the dossier
  • The FISA court is problematic for due process regardless of abuse, but if it is not based in a culture of respecting the rights of those being surveilled, that really raises troubling questions.
  • It is certainly possible to imagine that the FISA court is being abused in other ways


  • Sound clip – Approval rating up after Helsinki summit
  • People are not doing themselves any favors with their public image by the constant psychotic madness.
  • Sound clip – Hillary complaining about Trump’s performance at Helsinki
  • Most normal Americans don’t equate criticism of the IC with criticizing America


  • Sound clip – Sanders talking about how we don’t want to tolerate Iranian threats
  • Trump and Iranian dictator trading threats (wsj take on this)
  • Buck isn’t concerned
  • Iran is a terrorist state and constantly has violent rhetoric
  • Our generation is sick and tired of regime change and occupation
  • Disingenuous to claim that this is somehow new when Obama toppled Libya
  • Obama’s failure to hold to the red line on Syria was a disaster.
  • We don’t see the mass casualty terrorist attacks as often anymore, and it could very well be because our enemies see Trump as someone who will hit back
  • Iranians are not looking for a compromise, they are hard line Islamists


  • Sound clip – Max Boot discussing the tweet against the Iranians, favorably comparing the Iranians to Trump
  • Frustrating to see all these former GOPers going on TV to trash Trump


  • Sound clip – Avenatti commenting on whether Cohen will be rescued by Trump
  • Apparently there are audio recordings in Cohen’s possession that include conversations about buying the rights to a story from a woman who claims that she had an affair with Trump
  • Seems bizarre that they are even taping the conversations
  • Trump has waived Attorney Client privilege with regard to Cohen’s tapes
  • The next move would seem to be that when Russia collusion falls through it will be all about Stormy Daniels again
  • Still have Paul Manafort getting jammed up over tax evasion, with Tony Podesta possibly testifying against him


  • Sound clip – Trump on how well the economy is doing, good new jobs in manufacturing, work force participation is up, new unemployment is very low
  • Buck spoke with Shark Tank host and he is thrilled with how Trump is doing on the economy
  • Sound clip – Trump on Mexico’s desire to get to NAFTA discussions, negotiating with China, WTO has been a disaster
  • All of this seems at least reasonable to consider, plus we’re really talking about changing regulations on trade, so it’s not accurate to say that questioning our trade deals is tantamount to opposing free trade
  • Media is ignoring how well the economy is doing which is a disservice to the country


  • Sound clip – Bernie on how the midterm elections had low turnout in 2014, how people need higher wages, Ocasio-Cortez about how this is an “inspiring” election, blames men in Congress for all women’s problems in the country
  • Class warfare and Identity politics are the cool topics this year.
  • Funny how the old Democrats are the most prominent ones
  • Bernie claiming that the people are with the socialists. Always seems like there’s some excuse for how the people are with the Democrats but for some reason they can’t win elections that has nothing to do with what the people want.
  • Theybies – A push to stop using pronouns on your children to keep them from “becoming confused about gender stereotypes” (article)
  • The American Left is waging a war on the very foundations of truth
  • They completely ignore the reality of what Trump is doing. They create the impression of a problem with no substance; and their solution? Vote Democrat.
  • Identity politics are divisive and nasty


  • Sound clip – Obama talking about how climate change is a big deal and a risk to national security
  • Climate change doesn’t make the top 36 issues of American people. No one cares about this.
  • To say that climate change is a national security threat in light of all the other stuff we have to worry about shows you that these people are not serious about understanding and communicating national security issues
  • Bin Laden raid seems like the only useful foreign policy success of the Obama team from Buck’s perspective


  • Buck is a stealth horder. Starting to feel weighed down by all his stuff

1.42.52 – Roll Call


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