Recap 7/24/2018

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  • Summary: Former IC members having clearance revoked? How to think about the deep state going forward


  • Sound clip – Leftist media: Trump is targeting his political enemies, claims he is weaponizing intelligence for political purposes. Calling him authoritarian, autocratic.
  • Former intelligence officers may only have eligibility and not access
  • But often high level intelligence agency officials will get courtesy briefings, so its likely that they would have access as well as eligibility
  • Seems over the top to claim he’s creating a police state based on something not that objectionable that he *might* do.
  • But it is worth asking whether major media figures dead set against the administration would be willing to do something unethical or illegal
  • Sound clip – Rand Paul supporting getting rid of clearances
  • Buck knows firsthand how important it is not to leverage anything you know because of your clearance into your commentary on media.
  • A huge conflict of interest exists, since they were intimately involved with the very issues that they are commenting on.
  • Very dangerous to have the immediate former CIA director declaring that the President is guilty of treason. It makes people assume that he has a basis for that claim, which of course is the whole point.


  • Sound clip – Meghan McCain on the View pointing out the ignorance of the left on socialism
  • Ocasio-Cortez speaks out against a parody video mocking her


  •  Call – Dr. Rick – When will the Mueller probe public opinion finally flip?
  • If Democrats take the House then we may never know what really happened with the Deep State, they will focus on impeachment instead
  • Hopefully people just abandon progressivism en masse
  • Supposedly Sessions joined in the “Lock Her Up” chant. Maybe he *should* but he almost certainly won’t.
  • Justice Department is no longer going to use the term “undocumented immigrants” (CNN article)


  • Sound clip – Debate over Tariffs, especially over China’s effect on farmers
  • Why do Republicans need to constantly undercut Trump publicly on his policy?
  • Markets seem to think this will be fine. No major disruption
  • Annoying how we are pushed to judge Trump’s moves before we see how they work out.


  • Sound clip – Trump on how things are going well, commentary on how the country is scared now that Helsinki has happened
  • People on Cable news are calling the president a traitor without evidence
  • Sound clip – Trump talking about how great America is
  • Military people know that Trump is on their side
  • Regardless, in what way has he done anything in Russia’s interests? If anything he’s been harder on Russia than any recent president
  • Bush just rolled over for the media and it was frustrating to watch


  • What’s going on with the Jihad? We don’t see nearly as many attacks now as we did
  • Interview with Robert Spencer
  • No Doubt that Jihad is generally a reference to the general desire for Islam to subjugate other peoples.
  • Jordan could be a hot spot. There is a lot of Jihad support in Saudi Arabia and in Jordan.
  • Shi’ite groups like Iran are still Jihadist, but most shi’ite groups are not terrorists, though they do fund terrorist and extremist groups


  • Sound clip on how the DOJ and IC people with security clearance are proven liars, FISA application was clearly deliberately misleading
  • Interview: Sean Davis
  • FISA application corroborates the theory that the Russia collusion investigation was set in motion by Hillary’s opposition research
  • Papadaupolis couldn’t have been investigated for what he said.
  • The argument seems to be that a footnote implying that one of the people involved might have had a desire to discredit Trump is FAR from stating that this research was created and paid for by the opposition campaign.
  • Neither Sean or Buck see any reason why the IC folks need clearance. Probably a smokescreen to hide where the media get their leaks.


  • Sound clip – Accusations that Trump is on a jihad against immigrants, Trump defending ICE against Democrat smears
  • The Democrats have really been pushing this Abolish ICE stuff
  • Funny how they LOVE the FBI and CIA suddenly, but hate other law enforcement
  • Seems hypocritical to try to get the CIA over the Iraq War and now to claim that they are above dispute
  • Sound clip – Trump mocking the Democrat’s terrible message, making the case against open borders


  • Why is it that “hate crimes” are the most commonly faked sort of crime?
  • Saltgrass Steakhouse – supposedly a server was not tipped and had a nasty note written on the receipt.
  • This could have ruined the man’s life. Being branded as a racist is a career-ending thing
  • If Racism is such a big problem, why do we need so many hoax hate crimes to “prove” that it exists?
  • Of course we DO see people being abused or attacked for wearing a MAGA hat, where the media always assumes they had it coming.
  • You can lie on twitter, get 20k retweets, then retract it and the retraction gets 5 retweets. Same thing with the fake hoaxes. The initial incident is international news, and the fact that it was a hoax is mostly ignored.


  • Shooting in Toronto. Mental health issue? Gun control issue? Radicalism?
  • Not supposed to jump to conclusions but everybody immediately starts painting it with their own particular partisan light
  • Seems like its possible that people want to paint Islamic attacks on mental health, so that we don’t tie it to possible radicalism
  • Of course the vast majority of mentally ill people don’t kill people
  • If he has a history of mental illness, was it violent psychotic mental illness?
  • If we decide this is a mental health issue we might get stuck in a position where mental health patients’ privacy is at stake


  • Student loan debate is getting more to the forefront. Some colleges are offering to pay your way in return for a portion of your future income.
  • Unclear whether this will end up being better or worse.
  • But the question is, how useful is this undergraduate program to you? [ed: as a software developer with a bachelor degree I’d say no, undergraduate is a waste of time in my experience]
  • We don’t teach personal finance at all, which is a travesty
  • This might get rid of some of the more useless degrees

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