Recap 07/25/2018

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0.15 – Summary: EU willing to negotiate on trade; Mike Pompeo establishes new Russia policy, Devin Nunez on the FISA warrant


  • Sound clip: Trump as to his tactics on trade negotiations, and his ultimate goals
  • Jean-Claude Juncker is going to make a deal with Trump on energy, agricultural goods, medical technology, etc
  • Media will ignore this because if he’s successful, it totally shows how foolish they were for criticizing him.
  • Obama might have been a good speaker, but he was not a good leader
  • Sound clip: Larry Kudlow on how Trump intends to fix problems with trade
  • The idea that these huge global multinational bureaucracies are the only way to do trade is silly.
  • Sound clip: Charles Payne on how we are trying to be nice to everyone else but are getting beat up by the other nations?
  • Don’t forget, the federal government used to be exclusively funded through tariffs.
  • CNN now is just trying to smear Trump through his association with sleazy figures.
  • It’s absolutely the case that Obama was involved with some pretty terrible figures.
  • Still important to focus on Trump’s victories because no one else wants to talk about it, even though this is what will actually affect you.


  • Sound clip: Trump speaking about the upcoming trade deal with the EU.


  • Buck had a weird feeling about the Toronto shooting
  • Didn’t sound right that it was all about mental health. Seemed like the media was running away from the motivation very quickly.
  • Radical Islam is one of the most common extremist ideologies that leads to mass murder.
  • And now we see that the Islamic State has claimed this guy as one of his own.
  • Also worth pointing out that Toronto is already a place that it is difficult to get a gun
  • It seems like the left is already grandstanding against potential Islamophobia.
  • Some are claiming that he was not actually affiliated with ISIS, but this is refuted by his visiting of ISIS websites (Fox news article)
  • The media tries to hold back the motive as long as possible, claiming to avoid Islamophobia, but it is used to manipulate our perception by keeping us from immediately tying these attacks to terrorism.


  • Call: Wayne about Trump’s interview with Barbara Walters (link to what might be the interview; not sure if this is the right one)
  • Call: Kenny about why Putin and Trump wouldn’t need to do the in-person meeting if they were colluding secretly


  • Left doesn’t find parody funny when it’s aimed at them.
  • The fake interview with Ocasio-Cortez has made them very very upset. (link)
  • This is so obviously satire. The left is mad about it and are claiming that it’s misleading “fake news”. They are claiming that the video was only retroactively called satire.
  • The left is trying to make it so they are the only ones allowed to make jokes
  • Of course all the controls they want on Facebook, etc, ostensibly against fake news are going to be weaponized against conservatives.
  • VICE news showing that Twitter is already shadow-banning Republicans to influence the conversation (article)
  • Hard to see what we can do about it if Twitter/Facebook/Google really do a full court press on limiting conservative voices.


  • Sound clip: Alex Jones yelling at Matt Gaetz
  • Sound clip: Alex Jones complaining about Buck
  • Youtube is removing Alex Jones’s videos because of “hate speech”.


  • Sound clip: Mike Pompeo on the Crimea Declaration
  • Top of the list of things that Russia might want is to recognize their ownership of Crimea. To see Trump go against them on this would appear to invalidate any possibility that Putin has leverage over Trump.
  • Sound clip: Mike Pompeo saying that Trump’s foreign policy is making us safer.
  • USA today reporting that Korea is dismantling launch sites (article)
  • Looks like North Korea is actually doing what Trump asked for.
  • Media claims that it was a disaster, no one pays attention when they are proven wrong.
  • Jake Tapper claims that the president is just lying about everything.
  • Apparently he also screamed at his staff (mediaite article)
  • Sound clip: Pompeo claiming that North Korea is on the same page as us, Menendez treating him like crap and claiming that there’s no reason to think that North Korea is agreeing to this.


  • Sound clip: Cory Booker claiming that anyone who is not fighting evil is complicit in it. What is he talking about? Human Trafficking? Opiate Overdoses? Nope, just Brett Kavanaugh
  • Might be worthwhile to keep playing clips from the unhinged left so we remember how terrible their policies and ideas are.


  • Sound clip: Michael Cohen tape.
  • Cohen taping him is terrible. No wonder Trump only trusts family
  • Sound clip: Guliani pointing out that Cohen was very unethical and will probably get disbarred for this.
  • Sound clip: Dershowitz pointing out that there’s nothing incriminating on this tape
  • Sound clip: Guliani pointing out that Trump basically said we can’t pay with cash
  • Sound clip: Lanny Davis claiming that Guliani is a liar
  • We don’t forget that Clinton was a sexual abuser and harasser while in office. The same media folks who were running interference for Clinton are now complaining about Trump’s affairs.


  • Sound clip: Emily Maitlis from the BBC claiming that Trump is the single source of untruth in politics. Complaining to Sean Spicer
  • Hard to avoid how different the path for a former Trump press secretary as opposed to a former Obama press secretary
  • The Left is going to destroy anyone that worked in the Trump admin


  • Sound clip: Buck’s interview with Tucker Carlson on why we can’t have former intel chiefs going around undermining the sitting president.
  • These are the very people involved with starting the Collusion nonsense and now they’re paid commentators on the subject.

1.39.54 – Roll Call

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