Recap 07/27/2018

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0.13 – Summary: GDP growth is great; Midterms, democrats are going full socialist


  • Sound clip: Trump celebrating great GDP growth; Claims each point is 3 trillion dollars and 10 million jobs; USA economy is booming
  • What’s truly making the left angry is that he’s actually succeeding.
  • NY Times trying to spin the news of good growth into a bad prediction
  • Sound clip: Media’s take on the growth; it’s all due to overselling of soybeans in advance of the tariffs
  • Sound clip: Kudlow on how trade policy is paying off
  • Sound clip: Trump on how trade deficit is dropping, more people off food stamps
  • More and more this presidency will be judged on its results


  • Sound clip: Obama reminding everyone that you can’t bring manufacturing back to America
  • Sound clip: Trump reminding everyone that this has worked out great.
  • Obama was hostile to entrepreneurs and small business
  • Sound clip: Media trying to explain away the growth


  • Sound clip: Media saying this GDP focus is trying to distract from how badly the Trump administration is going
  • Call: Greg about how the security clearances of Brennan and Clapper and such need to be taken away
  • Call: Ed pointing out that no matter what the results of the Trump administration, he’ll never get a fair shake


  • Sound clip: Andy McCarthy saying the Trump tower meeting is a distraction
  • Supposedly Cohen is going to say that Trump knew about the meeting beforehand
  • Totally hypocritical that no one is bent out of shape about Christopher Steele being a foreign agent using Russian sources to throw the election
  • Call: Mike on why the news is trying to drive Americans apart.


  • Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley in a primary, so she’s very likely to win a seat in the house
  • Keeps embarrassing herself in interviews, most recently with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show
  • She is the “future of the Democratic Party”
  • Immediately drops into social justice talking points
  • Mentions renewable energy for no apparent reason
  • She claims that the military got a huge increase without asking for it, which isn’t even accurate, the number is wrong and they *did* ask for it
  • Sound clip: Campus Reform asking people how socialism works, news flash, they have no idea. These are students from Ocasio-Cortez’s district


  • #MeToo at CBS, specifically from the CEO Les Moonves
  • Apparently the guy was grabbing and harassing women for decades


  • Sound clip: Cory Booker saying that we can fight through this dark period
  • Ironic that he is saying we need to be nicer to each other as he calls anyone who supports Trump an agent of evil
  • Seems like the Democrats have nothing left to throw out
  • Sound clip: Pelosi blaming Republicans for not securing the border
  • Democrat standard-bearers are Joe Biden who is unremarkable, and Bernie Sanders who has terrible ideas and has no idea how to pay for any of it.
  • Joe Biden being lovable is as much a media creation as Hillary’s resume


  • Interview: Gregg Jarrett – The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump (book)
  • Hillary clearly was in violation of the Espionage Act, but Comey needed a way to clear her, so Strzok and Page sat down and altered the public statement of findings in such a way to make it sound better for Clinton.
  • At the same time Comey was publicly clearing Clinton, the FBI was picking up the dossier in order to get their FISA warrant
  • It is likely that the FBI or some other national intelligence agency was running human intelligence against the Trump campaign before the investigation began.
  • There was no legal basis or probable cause to justify the probe against Trump
  • Gregg thinks that John Brennan is the instigator of the hoax
  • Rod Rosenstein is obstructing justice by refusing to comply with the Subpoena from Congress


  • Republicans want to change the Endangered Species Act, CNN claims that Trump is trying to kill of species of animals
  • Government is grabbing land from people and has no plan to deal with this long term.
  • Government has spent millions of dollars to save the June Sucker and disrupted many people’s lives
  • In Iron County, prairie dogs are causing problems and they can’t be removed because its illegal to do so except in agricultural areas
  • Buck has a great story about Piping Plovers


  • Court rules against Hawaii saying that everyone can open carry a gun throughout the ninth circuit jurisdiction – Young v. Hawaii
  • This could be a huge victory for gun rights

1.35.27 – Roll Call

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