Recap 07/30/2018

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0.13 – Trump threatens shutdown for Wall; Medicare for all price tag


  • Sound clip: Trump on Immigration press, building the wall, increasing security, merit-based immigration
  • Media has been threatening how a shutdown will upset voters and hurt Republicans, maybe that’s not really true
  • These are the same people that told us Helsinki was so bad that the country would never forget it.
  • We should not wait til after the mid-terms
  • Sound clip: Ann Coulter saying that if Trump builds the wall his poll numbers will go through the roof
  • Sound clip: Newt Gingrich agrees that Trump should fight for the wall.
  • Buck asked the former Mexican Ambassador why the government there is so dysfunctional. Why is the murder rate so high? 30,000 years
  • The rule of law is viewed differently. Not sure what exactly that means.
  • Democrats have embraced this idea of importing new voter base
  • People break the law to come here and then we are told we have to take care of them.


  • Sound clip: Media complaining about how the GDP is not impressive… last quarter, People claiming a crash is coming any minute… last quarter
  • As soon as Trump is successful on GDP, the media claims there’s no way to stay there


  • Sound clip: Giuliani giving his perspective on the ridiculous Cohen tape; Cohen is shady, has proven how disreputable he is; lawyers should not be secretly taping their clients
  • Media is moving the goalposts by claiming that despite the fact that collusion is not a crime, they will say its unethical enough to impeach
  • Sound clip: Dershowitz pointing out that the prosecutors are squeezing Manafort and Cohen to get them to turn on Trump
  • Dog steals a GoPro video (link)
  • We know for sure that Hillary used foreign and Russian sources to get dirt on Trump, it’s ridiculous to say that the Trump tower meeting is bad if you give Hillary a pass on that.


  • Sound clip: Trump on how they are trying to get better border security in the face of heavy Democrat opposition and vitriol aimed at ICE
  • Call – Support for shutting down the government, Elites are mad that Trump is better at this than they have ever been.
  • Call – Problems with Mexico, thoughts on possible solutions.


  • Sound clip: Bernie calling for a whole bunch of free stuff, free college, free healthcare; Elizabeth Warren calling for Medicare for All
  • They admittedly do not know how much this would cost.
  • Mercator says it will cost around $32.6 trillion over ten years
  • Supposedly this works in Scandinavia, but they are actually moving away from this, some of those countries have sovereign wealth to fund part of it with [ed: and they are much smaller countries with a very different population]
  • These countries are also very capitalistic economically
  • We’ve all gotten used to not paying out of pocket for routine medical expenses.
  • If we had a catastrophic policy and paid our own way more of the time, costs would get reduced.
  • Medicare is part of the problem, but it’s a problem the government has forced us into.
  • Medicare costs us roughly 60-80 billion dollars in fraud very year.
  • We’re talking in the range of 50% income taxes


  • Sound clip: Newt on how Trump has been a great boon to businesses and job creation


  • Buck’s article on how the press is playing the victim card (link)
  • They claim that Trump’s rhetoric is undermining the message of free speech and is becoming physically dangerous to reporters
  • Violence against reporters in the US is unbelievably rare.
  • Press doesn’t want other people to use their free speech to point out that they are lying to everyone
  • Let’s not forget that the exaggerated claims of racism, etc. people assassinated cops
  • Only threat is that people will stop listening to them


  • Harvard under fire for bad admission policies (NY Times article)
  • Problem with Affirmative Action is that people are given advantages and disadvantages because of their skin color, which is obviously racist
  • They have various tactics to give people preference: legacy, race, money
  • Harvard using Asian stereotypes and such to get them pushed down
  • You get a bonus if you are the child of immigrants, even illegal immigrants
  • This is unethical


  • Sound clip: BBC putting a commercial to transgenderize your children
  • The idea is that gender stereotypes are all social constructs and that it can be made more equitable by just forcing children to do what the opposite gender prefers
  • There is no way to eradicate gender differences and the attempt is probably going to do untold collateral damage.
  • Article by Christina Hoff Sommers on how boys and girls do not play in the same ways (article)
  • This is child abuse


  • Terrance Phillips was supposedly acquitted of rape (article)
  • Had his career ruined and no due process
  • At least some of these accusations were false, but there is no real consequence for that


  • Now looking at changing state/city names because of an association with slavery or slaveholders
  • Austin, TX wants to change its name because Austin was a slaveholder

1.42.11 – Roll Call


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