Recap 07/31/2018

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1.14 – Summary: Plastic Guns; Abolish ICE; Mueller Probe winding down?


  • Sound clip: People scared that plastic guns will allow people to get through security and build guns in their living rooms
  • 3-D printing of guns has been around for several years, all of these debates have been had
  • Be interesting to see how well these media figures would do trying to 3D print a gun
  • Even members of Congress seem to have no idea what they’re talking about
  • Strange how folks who have no experience with guns and don’t understand guns and live in places where guns are effectively banned get so upset about guns
  • The ignorance on this subject is staggering.
  • First thing to consider is 3D printing is not the easiest way to get a gun
  • They say that it’s too easy to get guns, but then turn around and say that this *makes* it too easy, even though its expensive and complicated
  • Banning the plans would create a loophole in the First Amendment


  • Sound clip: People freaking out about how accessible guns will be
  • Call: Jodie asking if the designation of the gun is relevant
  • Ammunition is still metallic
  • This is the new push from the left


  • Is there anything left that the Progressives will defend based on principal?
  • First Amendment definitely doesn’t fall into this category.
  • At a recent Jordan Peterson speech people who had been kicked out were outside pounding on the doors to try and silence him
  • There have been several attempted cases to prosecute people for putting “dangerous” information online, based on export laws.
  • What about micro-biology that could lead to biological weapons?
  • What about bomb making materials like the Anarchist’s Cookbook?
  • There are other ways of molding plastic already
  • Are we really going to criminalize the transfer of knowledge?
  • This is more about culture than about gun violence


  • Call: 3D printer pro saying this would be very dangerous to do
  • Call: Bob on how to make a zip gun, hunting rabbits at O’Hare


  • Breaking News: A federal judge is blocking the release of the blueprints
  • Sound clip: Interview saying that the plans are out there and there’s no way to get them off the internet
  • The relevant law would be that you can’t sell guns over seas, so putting plans online would be basically doing so.
  • The federal courts are, again, blocking executive power based on the idea that the Trump admin did not vet this deal well enough
  • Complete nonsense from the left, they are wrong about the threat, they are threatening the First Amendment
  • Call: Bill on how easy making weapons really is


  • Sound clip: Giuliani saying he thinks the probe is rolling down; Nunez on how DOJ is stalling in the hopes that the Republicans lose in the fall and the Democrats will shut down all the investigations
  • We need to see what was really going on. We want justice for how this all came about.


  • Sound clip: Philadelphia mayor celebrating being a Sanctuary city
  • Obama acting ICE director says that the Abolish ICE movement is silly and unfair
  • Apparently people DO show up for hearings, but the hearings take 4-5 years to set up, and in the meantime they are out in the country
  • At that point, if they haven’t committed additional crimes, the deportation would seem cruel at that point, especially if they’ve had kids, their kids are going to school with Americans, etc.


  • Sound clip: Senator Hirono arguing that illegal immigration is only illegal because Trump says so.
  • Just a distraction to complain about the word “illegal”
  • The problem is when we stop enforcing laws we forget what’s even illegal
  • There are 7000 investigators attached to ICE that are not particularly involved with illegal immigrants but are just prosecuting foreign national crime, which does have some overlap with illegals, but because of the Sanctuary City laws they block cooperation with these investigators.
  • This includes drug trafficking, human trafficking, child pornography and terrorism


  • The Ariana Grande bomber was rescued by Western military forces a few years ago
  • His family were asylum seekers
  • Jihadism is a dangerous ideology
  • His family was saved by the UK, he is personally rescued by the British Navy after Libya, then he goes and bombs UK citizens
  • Yemen is involved in a mass humanitarian crisis


  • Sound clip: Ruth Bader Ginsburg claims that she has no plans to step down
  • Liberals are terrified of what would happen if they lose their super-legislature on the bench
  • Politico on how they couldn’t do RBG’s workout (article)
  • Doesn’t seem like they have anything on Kavanaugh
  • Media is creating a fictional pop-star out of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


  • Sound clip: Let comedians do their job! Stop getting offended at everything.
  • Seems like nothing is allowed to be funny anymore unless it’s about white males or Trump or Republicans, but they’ve run out of material
  • Now they’ve transferred from jokes to just hysteria and anger
  • Sound clip: Alex Jones making goofy statement on how no one else will speak the truth.

1.40.35 – Roll Call

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