Recap 08/01/2018

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1.15 – Summary: Safety of the media at stake? Latest from Mueller – getting shut down?


  • Sound clip: CNN getting heckled
  • Trump is great at improvising his rallies
  • Jim Acosta has gained incredible fame in the age of Trump resistance
  • Obama was much more dangerous to press freedom because he had them under his thumb. Trump is getting called out all day every day, fair or not. Obama had a Fox news guy included in an indictment.
  • Fox news was singled out by Obama for ridicule all the time, in addition to the indictment
  • No one was attacked or threatened. Unlike what happens to Trump supporters
  • The news did rile a crowd up to intimidate and threaten Dana Loesch
  • Buck’s article on the media playing the victim (article)
  • Very few people have been attacked as journalists in the United States. 11 since the early 1990s. And several of them were obviously a personal grudge.
  • Of course cops were actually targeted and murdered by people caught up in the Black Lives Matter narrative, which the media and Obama were pushing
  • You would think that people would have been upset at the treatment of Fox News if they were generally concerned about media freedom. CNN is one of a hundred anti-Trump networks, Fox News was the only conservative network.


  • Sound clip: Newt pointing out that Washington and the media are so anti-Trump they have no idea what’s going on in the populace at large. 84% believe Sanctuary cities increase crime. Every Democrat signed on to open-borders even though nobody supports that.
  • Sanctuary cities are a way for Democrats to avoid the rule of law.
  • ICE agents who are actually prosecuting non-immigration related crimes are not being cooperated with by local law enforcement


  • Sound clip: Reporter trying to get Huckabee-Sanders to denounce Trump’s supporters for protesting CNN.
  • The White House Correspondents’ association, the rabid anti-Trump resistance gets to decide the seating arrangement in White House press briefings
  • Sound clip: Huckabee-Sanders saying Trump denounces incitement to violence; but then calls out the media for being totally irresponsible in their reporting
  • Of course remember that there was a Progressive shooter trying to assassinate Republicans, so the violence is only one way. Yet they want to lecture Trump about encouraging violence
  • Hard to find instances of people being harassed for wearing pro-Obama clothing, but you can find dozens of instances of MAGA hats being unwelcome in businesses, being harassed on the street or anything of the sort.
  • If you were to ask whether CNN is a Democrat-aligned network, they would say they are neutral
  • Remember the town hall where CNN claimed that Republicans are pro-murdered-children?
  • Ironically the thing CNN is complaining about is exactly what happens to any conservative speaker on any campus in the country.
  • Trump supporters know that if they blatantly show support for the president they could be in physical danger.


  • Call: Herb – Harrisburg, PA is safe for Trump supporters
  • Conservatives are the only ones that get assaulted, even at their own rallies
  • Call: Rachel – Is CNN poisoning the dialog? Buck says yes.


  • Best burger cheese: American, Jarlsberg, Cheddar? [ed: I like Havarti]
  • Now we’re back to Manafort and his $15,000 Ostrich Jacket
  • Judge had to call out the prosecution for wealth shaming
  • Pretty straightforward tax fraud case. Lost in the mix that Manafort worked for several political leaders before Trump. (Trump’s tweet)
  • Seems like no sympathy that he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail over this, despite the questionable moral sentiment of it. Not like he killed someone.
  • Seems like Manafort is a proxy for venting the left’s hatred of Trump; not really about what he actually did.
  • Democrat plan seems to be that they will fail to find any criminal charges, but will say that there was political malfeasance and if the Dems take the house they tacitly have public approval for impeachment.


  • John Solomon article on Maria Butina (link)
  • Interview: John Solomon
  • When Anna Chapman tried to involve Hillary Clinton in malfeasance, the FBI slammed down on the whole spy ring to avoid any admin officials getting caught up in anything
  • The FBI knew that Maria Butina was trying to get in with conservatives, and the FBI kept allowing her to try to influence them.
  • This also goes along with Trump’s criticism that if the FBI thought that Russian agents might be trying to influence him, why didn’t they sound the alarm?
  • Seems like Mueller is narrowing his investigation down to Obstruction against Trump


  • Sound clip: Chris Cuomo railing against Republicans on Health care
  • Obamacare was a huge failure, but if Republicans are relying on the American people to remember whose fault the terrible health care system is, they may be in trouble. This is something people actually care about.
  • If we get into impeachment territory, nothing else will get done for the next two years


  • Sound clip: Trump on how the Democrats are blocking everything he tries to do regardless of the merits. Specifically on Kavanaugh.
  • Sound clip: Gillibrand railing against Kavanaugh and how he’ll stop women from having civil rights
  • Of course what they mean by women’s right is the right to kill babies.
  • Seems like they don’t have the energy to really fight Kavanaugh because they’re too busy freaking out about literally everything else.
  • Kagan making overtures about how politicized the court has become falls flat since the Democrats started using the courts to pass their unpopular laws without going through the legislature. [ed: and the politicized debate is almost always against conservatives. Started with Robert Bork]
  • They’re only talking about this now because they are losing


  • Sound clip: Trump on how prior presidents promised to work on trade but never did anything about it. Also talks about how he’s had success in bringing jobs back
  • Tariffs on China are going into effect, which is a risk for economic well-being right next to the midterms
  • Trade has to be shifted and that may mean short-term pain
  • We just hope the timing of the tariffs doesn’t hurt Republicans in the midterms


  • Sound clip: McConnell saying we’ll probably wait on the border wall til after the elections
  • Sound clip: Trump saying that it will be good for the Republicans if we push on this now before the midterms
  • McConnell is generally risk-averse, though to give him credit he held the team together on Merrick Garland
  • It’s possible to say that people don’t just blame the person who is stonewalling on a shutdown but *what* it’s being shut down for.
  • Immigration might be the best issue to draw the line between Republicans and Democrats
  • Sound clip: Trump calling for voters to defend borders with their votes
  • Fortune favors the bold. Let’s make a gambit. Playing defense when you’re down is dangerous.
  • Democrats are using illegal immigrants to take the vote


  • Happy Anniversary to Rush Limbaugh; Trump called in

1.39.38 – Roll Call

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