Recap 08/02/2018

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0.13 – Summary: White Racism; Acosta and Huckabee-Sanders; Russia Meddling


  • Sound clip: CNN sucks chant
  • Is it possible to be racist against white people? Of course.
  • The left is trying to redefine racism so that it does not apply to white people
  • This is because the left has deemed that any racism should be punished by having your life ruined, your job taken away, your credibility destroyed. Therefore they do not want to play by these rules when someone is racist against white people.
  • Not to say that racism is okay. Racism is contemptible, anti-science and anti-conservative
  • NY Times has hired Sarah Jeong to be an editor.
  • The liberal playbook has been to dig through people’s twitter feed to find anything with which to smear people. By the time the person can defend themselves, it’s too late, their reputation is destroyed.
  • Remember Kevin Williamson getting fired for one tasteless tweet about hanging women who have abortions
  • Parade of nasty tweets from Sarah Jeong
  • NY Times hired this lady, you would think that perhaps they didn’t know about her tweets. Unfortunately you would be wrong.
  • Apparently they gave her a pass because she promised not to do it any more and they claim that she was only being racist in response to the racism she had encountered.
  • This would not be acceptable in any other situation.
  • Many on the left have made the serious claim that anti-white racism may be gross, but is not actually racism.


  • Sound clip: Obama calling for being aggressive toward political opponents.
  • The left has been going with the “no white racism” thing for a while. They don’t want to call attacks on white people hate crimes.
  • This is because they believe that all interactions with other people are predicated on invisible power structures; they call this intersectionality.
  • Because of the inherent power imbalance, you can’t be racist toward white people.


  • Fake news is getting beaten down recently. (Rhetorically)
  • Acosta has been playing the role of speaking truth to power, which of course he does not really do.
  • These supposedly neutral people at CNN are not neutral at all. They are leftist propagandists.
  • They are trying to make this out to be about journalism speaking truth vs an authoritarian trying to crack down on hostile press, but that is obviously not what is happening. Public opinion is starting to turn.
  • Sound clip: Acosta trying to get Huckabee-Sanders to say that they are not the “enemy of the people”. Acosta tries to interrupt as she responds. Huckabee-Sanders pointing out that the media has been calling for harassment and aggression, resorting to personal attacks with no content and the intention to create animosity. She also called them out for threatening her safety and insulting her regularly. She also pointed out that she is the first press secretary to ever need Secret Service protection.
  • They are just pissed that they lost and have now lost all sense of proportion in how to deal with political opponents. Note that no significant Trump supporters are ever treated with respect on CNN.
  • We have to suffer assassination attempts, and Jim Acosta wants to say that people not responding with respect when he attacks them means he’s a martyr?
  • Comedians have devolved into just smearing every conservative without even trying to be funny.
  • Sean Hannity called out Acosta for being fake news in a tweet.
  • Sound clip: Acosta trying again to corner Huckabee-Sanders on “the enemy of the people”


  • Sound clip: Acosta complaining about the “enemy of the people” thing in an interview.
  • He says he feels bad for her but in reality he was laughing along with everyone else at the White House Correspondent’s dinner when they skewered her.
  • Trump tweeted out that the press is not “the enemy of the people” but that the “fake news” is.
  • Dinesh D’Souza says that the fake news is the enemy of truth


  • Sound clip: Intelligence community still concerned about Russian meddling
  • You know that if the left loses in November, they’re going to blame Russia again
  • Sound clip: John Bolton pointing out how the admin has been working to protect the elections against interference. He points out that he can’t say exactly what they are doing to avoid it because it would give the people that are trying to manipulate it too much information.
  • It’s beyond belief that the Russians could sway voters where the media could not
  • It’s also worth remembering that the Soviets were pushing the Democrat line for the entire Cold War.
  • Also remember that the New York Times covered up the Soviet genocide in Ukraine in order to keep Communism credible.
  • If the NY Times had damaging information on Putin and published it, would that be meddling in Putin’s election?
  • Conservatives are less worried about “fake news” from Russia because we’re being deceived by our own domestic media all the time.


  • Sound clip: Trump pointing out how manufacturing is actually coming back. Says that Republicans are stronger than they were on election night. This is despite constant negative press. Joked about how he should’ve gotten credit for North Korea. But of course they find something bad to say no matter what the situation. Also talking up his meeting with Putin and how the media can’t let go of the Russia hoax, even though Russia is obviously worse off with Trump in position.


  • Call: Gunnar says Buck should sell CNN sucks T-shirts
  • Paul Manafort trial still going on. Buck assumed that this was a closed case and that they would make an example out of him
  • Now it looks like the judge is making it harder on the prosecution than you would think
  • What will happen if Manafort is found not guilty?
  • Sound clip: Newt Gingrich on how Manafort has nothing to do with Russian collusion and how Mueller would be totally discredited if he fails to convict Manafort.
  • We have still not seen any evidence from Mueller, so it’s hard to trust that after all the abuses we have seen that this is free of politicization.
  • Sound clip: Joe DiGenova on how it’s a waste of time to answer questions about something that can’t be indicted anyway. It’s clearly a trap.
  • Apparently Guiliani says that Trump will answer a few questions.


  • Sound Clip: Cuomo claiming that there are people sprinkled in Trump rallies waiting for secret signals to trust Trump
  • Attorney General candidate claiming that ICE is illegal, cruel, unhumanitarian. The very “structure” of ICE is inherently hateful and evil. Also calling for prosecuting ICE for doing their jobs.


  • Raheem Kassam interview
  • Tommy Robinson was reporting on Islamic rape gangs in the UK.
  • He was arrested and thrown in jail in a single day for reporting on the trials.
  • He was unable to contact his lawyer or his family. This was uncovered by going through court documents.
  • He was just released on appeal.
  • Scary that the UK would abuse people for free speech in this manner.
  • The reason no one was concerned is because he was called a racist
  • British race relations act was the catalyst for not being allowed to criticize Muslims
  • These are often second generation Pakastani immigrants.
  • There is a cultural aspect to which in their home cultures, the age of consent is much younger, but these aren’t new immigrants.
  • Targeting white girls because they think negatively of them.
  • This is well into the thousands of children that have been raped by these gangs


  • So what exactly has Trump done on regulations?
  • Trump unveiled his plan to rollback emissions and fuel economy standards (article?) (WSJ article)
  • Left is sad that Obama’s legacy is still going down in flames
  • This would raise the prices of cars by an incredible amount
  • Projected average new car price would be $35,000


  • Interview: Stephen Yates on China trade
  • All the pressure on China has led to them putting pressure on Taiwan
  • China is also pressuring us not to meet with the Taiwanese president
  • Congress has passed a defense law to put pressure on China
  • China is trying harder to pressure our political system more than Russia
  • Yates says that China is still as dangerous as it ever was and Trump is the best on China since Nixon.

1.43.15 – Roll Call

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