Recap 08/03/2018

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0.14: Summary: Federal judge rules DACA must be reinstated; Espionage threat from China increasing


  • Sound Clip: Trump saying that we should take on the border stuff before the midterms
  • On Friday, judge ruled that DACA must be reinstated.
  • In the whole 8 years of his administration Obama made no attempt to get substantive immigration reform legislation passed, despite his filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.
  • He then decided to write an executive order essentially decriminalizing so-called Dreamers, illegal immigrants who arrived in this country before the age of 18 and met certain other minimal requirements.
  • He also attempted to do the same for the parents of these children, but this was blocked by a federal judge.
  • Interesting to note that this was never called authoritarian, despite the accusations lobbed at Trump over this issue, where he has continually accepted the legal process necessary.
  • Obama’s claim was that it was within his discretion as president to decide not to prosecute DACA recipients. Now the judge claims that the discretion no longer applies now that Trump is president.
  • This is a clear violation of judicial power; they cannot overrule presidential powers.


  • Sound clip: Trump calling the Russia story a “hoax”. Says that Russia is very unhappy that he won. Pointing out that he can’t win with the media no matter what he does.
  • It is true that the media reflexively criticizes everything Trump does, so they will change positions on anything to oppose Trump.
  • Same people complaining about Trump breaking “norms” are okay with the federal judge declaring DACA to be law without it having been passed.


  • Although the media is focusing on Russia as a danger, the real intelligence danger is China.
  • Dianne Feinstein was infiltrated by a Chinese Spy who worked as her driver for 20 years.
  • Considering how crazy everyone seems to get about Trump having any connection anywhere near any Russian, it seems to be a double standard that no one seems to care about Feinstein’s driver having been a Chinese spy.
  • Easy to imagine that Feinstein was not very careful speaking in front of her driver, considering how long and how often they were interacting.
  • Now we have a GE engineer who stole power plant plans, probably also connected to China. (article)
  • Probably a lot of successful theft that we don’t catch, if the situation that occurred with the KGB is any guide.


  • Sound clip: Trump talking about his meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Mentioning how the fake news media spun that.
  • Media seems to think only appropriate response of conservatives to criticism and literal violence is silence. If Trump talks back he is accused of violence against the press.


  • Sound clip: Trump doing rally, reminding everyone that the Democrats want to roll back the tax cuts. Commentary on how great the economy is going. Commentary on how the Chinese will not be able to win this tariff stand-off.
  • Sound clip: Consumer confidence, unemployment, and manufacturing are all doing very well. Some of those numbers are at the best levels of all time.
  • Now the only thing that the left has to throw at him is that everything that’s happening that’s great is despite Trump instead of because of him.
  • Sound clip: Trump saying that workers were betrayed by the political class.


  • Sound clip: Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s movie the Death of a Nation
  • Interview: Dinesh D’Souza
  • The theme is the similarities between the Democrats reaction to Trump and their reaction to Lincoln. Also speaking about how racism and fascism are thrown around as invective against Trump and his supporters.
  • Democrats have always been the progenitors of racist policies.
  • Seems like the attacks are misplaced, not denying the factual accuracy but mischaracterizing what he said. It is actually the truth that the Nazi’s used Democrat policies as a model for the Nuremberg laws.
  • The Charlottesville narrative was that the racism was on the right, but in fact the organizer was an Obama supporter and Occupy Wall Street activist.
  • Also interview with Richard Spencer to show that he is on the far-left.


  • Sound clip: Phil Mudd claiming that Trump’s anti-Russia security meeting was all a ruse to hide the obvious Russia collusion.


  • Sound clip: Claims that Trump is the most dishonest president ever, and that he is attacking “neutral” parties like the media.
  • Of course the stats on how much Trump and his admin lies is based off of left-wing news sources twisting truth in incredibly obvious ways. (example mentioned on show)
  • What visible media figures not on Fox are pro-Trump?
  • The other way that journalists defend their fact-checks is by becoming hyper-literalists.
  • Sound clip: The View with Ana Navarro claiming that CNN is trying to be as balanced as possible about Trump.
  • The liberal media is losing ground on this. [ed: seems like maybe they are fighting so hard because they are losing]
  • Some of these media outlets are even going beyond partisan and into actual activism
  • Also it seems like the idea of the objective news outlet is dying off.
  • Sarah Jeong’s tweets characterized as “making fun of” by the Washington Post (article)


  • Man attacked on bus for being white. (article)
  • Interesting that no one will call this racism.
  • More tweets from Sarah Jeong found tweeting negative stuff about men, cops, etc.
  • New term is “white fragility”, which claims that if you dissent from the left’s view of racism, then you are suffering from some kind of disorder


  • Sound clip: Trump calling out to minorities pointing out how they’ve been betrayed by the left and he has done good for them. Someone saying Trump is probably going to be the most pro-black president of our lifetime.
  • Some evidence to show that Trump’s black support is increasing.
  • People calling Trump a racist is very dishonest.
  • Sound clip: Black veteran slamming Congresswoman for protesting the US


  • Sound clip: Sanders defending press freedom of the press and freedom of speech, Nicole Wallace saying this is crazy and undermines democratic norms.
  • Let’s not forget that Obama was indicting at least one reporter, pulled phone records
  • Trump stating his opinion that these press folks are incompetent buffoons is not a threat.

1.41.53 – Roll Call

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