Recap 08/06/2018

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0.14 – Summary: Social media crackdown on right-wing commentators, T-shirt triggers? Anti-white racism from Sarah Jeong


  • Sound clip: Commentator saying that the world has been put together around the way that white men see the world and that’s why there are problems.
  • Apparently we could solve all the world’s problems if we just got rid of white men?
  • Since Liberals are losing the argument, they are turning to terrible tactics, including hatred and blocking first amendment rights
  • Alex Jones was removed from most of the internet for supposed Hate Speech
  • Since Sarah Jeong was obviously so much more hateful than anything Alex Jones has ever said, there is a clear double standard. They are trying to shut down opposition view.


  • Many conservatives have either been banned, demonetized or other issues.
  • Sound clip: Cambodian immigrant that is running for CA congress had her ad blocked from Facebook over scenes from the Cambodian genocide.
  • This is not an accident. The left is trying to shut out opposing speech.


  • Sound clip: Calling for Twitter to shut down Trump for his insults.
  • All the violence in society right now is targeted at conservatives.
  • Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were harassed and attacked in Philadelphia.
  • Sound clip: Protesters harassing them
  • Apparently they threw stuff at them.
  • Let’s not forget that the Democratic party is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, Slavery, etc. And they accuse the right of white supremacy
  • Where are the media here that were whining about Trump being mean to the press defending these people’s right to speak?


  • Sound clip: Someone defending the demonization of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders
  • Call: Rose says to call Sarah Jeong to throw out anything invented by white people, each protester against the border wall has to take home a family


  • Sound clip: People railing at Trump over Trump tower meeting is just a distraction from a successful Republican president.
  • Magnitsky act resulted in the ban on Americans adopting Russian babies (wikipedia)
  • Why don’t we ever hear about the fact that the lady who met with Trump Jr. was tied to Fusion GPS, the people who ordered the dossier?
  • We’re really supposed to believe that this is a coincidence?
  • The renewed craziness is probably because the media has figured out that there will be no Russia collusion shown out.
  • In-congruent to claim that Trump is a foolish buffoon but also has managed to be a criminal mastermind in hiding his collusion.
  • Even if you imagine a worst case scenario, there’s still no criminal charge there.
  • Sound clip: CNN trying to claim that taking information from Russians would constitute accepting something of value and violate federal statute.
  • Getting information could not possibly be considered “a thing of value”, way too broad
  • The left were the ones during Citizen’s United that claimed that books could be banned in advance of an election.
  • Oh and let’s not forget that Hillary used a foreigner to use Russian sources to collect dirt on Trump, which was then used as justification to spy on the Trump campaign.
  • So then would they be able to pay someone to go to the meeting and get the information for them?


  • Sound clip: Shooting in Florida, bystander with concealed carry took down the shooter. No one was killed.


  • Sound clip: Iranian sanctions are having an effect already.
  • Trump is reimposing the sanctions on Iran, and the government of Iran is getting skittish about this.
  • Europeans are claiming that Iran is doing everything right and that we should lay off.
  • Iran’s strategy is using client states to spread Shia ideology and influence throughout the Middle East.
  • The danger of letting Iran consolidate its power is that they may become insurmountable if we wait for them to directly threaten us.
  • The deal is that they have to withdraw their support for terrorist and extremist governments if they want to get rid of the sanctions.


  • Sound clip: Kamala Harris whining about how the phrase identity politics is a way to shut people up.
  • Not sure what to call it when you are explicitly calling out for special treatment for particular identity groups. Now they want some other term for it because identity politics now has left a bad taste in people’s mouths.
  • Like how liberal became a dirty word, so they changed it to progressive.
  • Another example of language being changed is how they use undocumented immigrants instead of illegal aliens.
  • Now Twitter doesn’t want to call it shutting down free speech, they want to call it “conversational health”
  • The Democrats offer propaganda instead of good policies and good arguments.
  • Sound clip: Cuomo claiming that the Republicans are in the pocket of the NRA, that works against the interests and desires of the American people.
  • Cuomo is going after insurance companies to push them away from the NRA. This is government interference in political alignment.
  • Sound clip: Trump saying that the blue wave isn’t going to happen. The Democrats just want to increase crime, open the borders, raise your taxes.


  • Sound clip: Chicago citizens complaining about Rahm Emmanuel failing the people of Chicago.
  • 66 people shot over the weekend. This is third world level crime and violence.
  • Annoying to see the constant speculation about Trump getting impeached instead of focusing on bad things actually happening.
  • The Democrats claim to care about the poor and minorities, but where is all the coverage of the horrific violence going on in Chicago.
  • And of course, the harsh gun laws in Chicago did not seem to help stop the violence.


  • Sound clip: Tapper talking about Trump “hate-tweeting” against journalists
  • Of course they don’t mention that his criticism is that they are lying.
  • They don’t have a problem with Sarah Jeong, but want to talk all day about how mean Trump is.
  • Don’t forget that the media invented the term “fake news”.
  • Dan Rather tweeted that he doesn’t like how Trump calls people out for lying, even though he himself was fired for lying.
  • The media claims that leftism is rampant because it’s right, but in reality it’s because they control access, similar to the way that they do with the academy.
  • Newseum sold a fake news t-shirt and the press is super upset about it.
  • Now they pulled it because they got pressured by the fake news. [ed: ironic that the media wants to squash free speech in the name of protecting their free speech]
  • Journalism school professor saying that fake news t-shirts is like selling KKK hoods.
  • They claim to be defending free speech, but as soon as it’s something they don’t like it’s basically Hitler or basically the KKK.


  • In Portland a mob camped out behind the ICE office. Demanding the abolition of ICE.
  • The protesters were calling ICE agents Nazis, White Supremicists, Gestapo, and accused of running concentration camps
  • Sound clip: Protesters losing their minds.
  • Mayor supports the protesters and refuses to protect the ICE agents or journalists that were being attacked.
  • Also lying in wait to beat people who are speaking publicly. Supposedly the people they attacked were white nationalists, but still… disturbing to see “normalization” of political violence.

1.40.37 – Roll Call


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