Recap 8/8/2018

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1.14 – Manafort trial and the Russian collusion; Ohio Special Election; David French; Brandon Webb


  • President’s legal team has rejected the request for Mueller to interview the president.
  • Sound clip: Jay Sekulow explaining that the constitutional authority of the president allows him to reject the interview. Explains that they do not recommend Trump take an interview, but that Trump is still considering it.
  • Left will give no quarter to anyone who throws them a bone.
  • If the Democrats fail to take the House, you can bet they’ll blame Russia.
  • The left’s only message is “Trump is bad, elect us instead”
  • Left-wingers paint everyone else as racist, without taking responsibility for the utter failure of Democrat policies in the minority communities across the country.
  • The Mueller probe is a total joke, just a “Get Trump” effort
  • Sound clip: Jay Sekulow saying that there was no evidence of collusion and questioning Trump’s policies or firings as potentially illegal is wildly out of order.
  • Sound clip: Rudy Guiliani saying that Mueller needs to wrap this up.
  • No matter what happens, the Democrats will still call for impeachment.


  • Sound clip: Andy McCarthy saying Mueller probably can’t and almost certainly won’t indict Trump. Probably can’t even subpoena him, but might try.
  • Buck loves mayo
  • Bruce Ohr was a senior official at the Department of Justice and one of the major pushes of the dossier.


  • Sound clip: Reports saying that Trump knew that the meeting at Trump Tower was looking for dirt on Hillary and that this is potentially treasonous. These reports were in May
  • Carter Page is obviously not an intelligence threat, but they used him as a reason to create the FISA warrant.
  • Hypocrisy that no one bothered to check up on the Chinese Spy that was near Feinstein.
  • Bruce Ohr was corresponding with Christopher Steele while the dossier was being created and continued to try to involve him after he was fired from the FBI for leaking to journalists.
  • Also just so happens to have a wife who works for Fusion GPS
  • Lots of wives of powerful government officials had personal dislikes for Republicans that got investigated by their husbands.
  • There were a lot of redactions in the FISA applications that are probably just there to cover for the FBI
  • The FBI and DOJ misled the FISA court
  • Probably all of the higher ups that did all this stuff will not end up getting prosecuted


  • Sound clip: Candace Owen and Michael Eric Dyson arguing indecipherably
  • Sad that after Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk are called the bad guys after they were attacked.


  • Sound clip: Analyst pointing out how much the Ohio special election should have been a slam dunk for Republicans but ended up being very close.
  • This election matters very little in itself, but the narrative spinning is huge.
  • Either the poor Republican performance is a reflection of wide-spread Trump hatred, or just a weird local election in strange circumstances, depending on who you ask.
  • Maybe Dems shouldn’t be getting their hopes up quite yet considering their terrible performance in 2016
  • Joe Manchick was a Green party candidate that possibly took some of the Democrats steam. Apparently he claims that his ancestors are from a different planet, speaks 19 languages and says pot cures heroin addiction
  • Be fun to see if the media claims he was a plant to ruin their chances.


  • Call: Phyllis got the Ghostbusters quote
  • Sound clip: Pelosi on illegal immigrants and how they will get a good deal when they take the House of Representatives
  • Vote Democrat if you want more rights for illegal immigrants!
  • Border Patrol acting head says a wall would make a huge difference


  • Sound clip: Someone talking about how the Iran sanctions are going into effect.
  • Buck doesn’t think we’re heading toward war there.
  • It would be nice if we could get out of Iraq and Afghanistan also


  • Sound clip: Ocasio-Cortez blaming Wall Street for destroying the middle class through capitalism
  • It’s foolish to say that the Middle Class is worse off now than it was.
  • In the areas where it’s actually worse, Education, Healthcare are highly regulated areas.
  • Sound clip: Ocasio-Cortez saying that the money is always there for war and tax cuts, but never for education
  • The whole idea of the government having “money to pay for tax cuts” implies the idea that the money is rightfully the governments in the first place
  • Education funding has exploded over the last forty years
  • All of the left-wing populists are throwing their hands in on empty slogans


  • Sound clip: Governor Cuomo on how we need to get rid of guns because no one needs “an assault rifle” to hunt.
  • Interview: David French (article)
  • Cuomo is pushing banks and insurance companies to cut ties with the NRA
  • Taking regulatory action against insurance companies that do business with the NRA.
  • This is a violation of the First Amendment
  • People would be ticked off if Texas governor was going after gun safety groups this way.
  • Now we only seem to want to defend free speech for people they agree with
  • The new category of “hate speech” is a terrifying thing
  • Even the ACLU who used to defend Nazis on free speech are now unwilling to defend so-called “hate speech”
  • Seems like there are a few liberal Supreme Court justices are unwilling to defend free speech.


  • New Mexico camp to train kids to be school shooters discovered; has jihadist ties
  • Ages 1-15
  • One of the guys who was arrested Siraj Wahhaj is connected to several terrorists from the nineties.


  • Interview: Brandon Webb (book)
  • Book on how successful people deal with and get over their fear.

1.39.58 – Roll Call

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