Recap 8/10/2018

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0.18 – Summary: Kanye for Trump, Democrats looking for leadership, Manafort trial going badly; interview with Benny Johnson and an interview with Rudy Guiliani


  • Sound clip: Kanye on how people tried to pressure him to not speak out in support of Trump
  • Buck’s ready for the Russia probe to come to an end. It *could* go on forever, but it shouldn’t.
  • Seems like Americans are awakening to the fact that the media lies to us reguarly
  • Collins has turned himself in for alleged insider trading
  • Why bother pointing out that he was an early endorser of Trump unless they are trying to imply Trump has
  • Sound clip – Montage of media connecting Collins to Trump
  • Lots of coverage on this, but ignore Democrats accused of crimes. 18 minutes in 24 hours
  • Chaka Fattah was convicted of bribery and related charges and got less coverage in a year than Collins did in the first 24 hours. A total of 68 seconds in a year an a half.
  • Menendez accused of involvement with major Medicare fraud, but rarely talked about. Bridgegate with Chris Christie got TONS of coverage
  • Also there was a lady named Corrine Brown, a former US Representative from Florida who was convicted of defrauding a charity. Nothing on any major networks about this.
  • Interesting to see how the media also avoids reporting on the terrorist camp in New Mexico. This is obviously because they are pushing an agenda.


  • Sound clip: Rudy Guiliani saying that the probe is gonna blow up in Mueller’s face. Also points out that some people could’ve been taken down by all this and it’s scary to know that the FBI can dethrone a president.
  • Call: Alex saying that Jeff Sessions needs to resign because he recused himself and now we can’t get anything done.
  • Call: Tim wants the Trump admin to go on offense.


  • Interview: Rudy Guiliani
  • Rudy says that nothing is coming out of this investigation and they need to hurry up and write the report.
  • His contention is that the whole thing was based on false information to begin with and therefore has been completely discredited.
  • This is an investigation in search of a crime.
  • Even if Mueller himself is on the up and up, everything stinks so badly that we need to roll it up based on that.
  • According to Rudy, there is a counter-proposal to the interview with Trump out to the Mueller team.
  • Rudy says that he doesn’t want Trump to be exposed to a perjury trap.
  • Also points out that Mueller has all the information he is ostensibly after.
  • Seems like there’s no reason for the FISA warrant not to be un-redacted.
  • Guiliani agrees but is not a position to advise the president on that subject.


  • Sound clip: Call for funding for “Space Force”; call for why this is a serious potential threat vector and why this needs to be done.
  • Other countries have been able to successfully leverage their private sector investment for public benefit, whereas we have a dearth in this area, particularly with regard to defense.
  • This is another area where Trump is pushing the boundaries of consensus.


  • Apparently there is a new breaking story about CBS sexual harassment.
  • Hypocrisy of the left is that while many of the big-shots are privately doing heinous stuff, they get a bit of a pass by having the right public opinions.
  • No way did no one at CBS know about this stuff. Perhaps they were scared, but there’s no chance that people just had no idea.
  • Frustrating to see the so-called “principled conservatives” that seem to have no trouble giving up their principles to stand for Democrats.
  • It’s one thing to not support Trump, it’s another thing to support the opposition


  • Sound clip: We would like to have a better relationship with Russia. Sanctions are part of the tactics in our negotiations. Description of possible future sanctions.
  • Trump is the worst Kremlin puppet imaginable.
  • Frustrating to see how people keep saying that the results are good, but somehow his people are managing to get around him and do a good job despite his attempts to screw everything up.
  • In actuality Trump is risking a serious confrontation with Russia.
  • Media could goad Trump into overreaching on Russia if he is too eager to prove his non-puppetness


  • Sound clip: Candace Owens saying how the media uses black celebrities to try to sway the black community against Trump.
  • Sound clip: Spike Lee saying that Trump is under Putin’s thumb.
  • No reason to take his opinion seriously. The only reason to have him on TV is to try to convince the American people that the “right people” hate Trump.
  • Considering the “racist” slander, it’s amazing he’s doing as well as he is among black America.


  • Sound clip: Trump on Chicago shootings; 63 shootings last weekend
  • Seems worth noting that leftists are never held to account over their failed policies
  • Oscars are changing to have popular movie categories because too many of the nominees are movies that no one has seen and many people haven’t ever heard of.
  • Sound clip: Pastor in Chicago calling out Rahm Emmanuel. Calling Trump to send the national guard in because the city can’t take care of business.


  • Sound clip: Republican policies are working and Democrats have no vision. People saying that rural America continues to increase support for Trump. People also saying they have faith that he’s doing what he can on trade.
  • Only real reason to vote Democrat at this point is to register a protest against Trump because you really believe that he is truly evil.
  • Sound clip: Ben Shapiro offering 10k to Ocasio-Cortez to discuss the issues, which she turned down. Of course, she didn’t just say no, she insulted him and somehow implied that the request was sexist.
  • Just like every Leftist, when they lose the argument, they get personal and smear with the preferred evil person labels.
  • Buck thinks the left is banking on Kamala Harris for president
  • Sound clip: Harris trying to defend her resume. Says that her oversight committee work has been the most impressive thing she’s done.
  • The only thing they like about her is her persona
  • Obama was the same thing, so I guess it’s not too crazy


  • Interview: Benny Johnson
  • RNC released a video mocking all of the completely incompetent statements by Ocasio-Cortez. (video)
  • Benny’s latest (article) – Marsha Blackburn says that her opponent hoping that she’ll jump off a bridge as being nasty toward women.

1.31.55 – Roll Call

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