Recap 08/14/2018

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0.14 – Omarosa’s book; Newspapers writing an editorial against Trump, Peter Strzok’s firing


  • DC is a liberal monoculture, even though Republicans are in power right now
  • It’s stopped being a place of public service and is now the land of our overseers.
  • The collectivist mindset is that they have the right to rule because they are smarter and have better opinions than other people.
  • Omarosa’s book is a collection of crazy allegations and conspiracy theories given some veneer of credibility by her access to the president.
  • Sound clip: Omarosa saying kind words about Trump a few years ago.
  • Sound clip: Omarosa’s new comments saying that he should be impeached.
  • Supposedly Trump said the N-word, but it’s pretty difficult to imagine that we would not have heard about that if it had actually happened.
  • Sound clip: Asawin Suebsaeng tried to track down the Donald Trump apprentice N-Word tape. So far, no one has corroborated it. Even the person who Omarosa claimed to have played her the tape denies it.
  • Good timing for Democrats that black people are starting to support Trump. Now they’re desperate to break that down.
  • By the time that Omarosa is shown to be a liar the damage will be done. All people will remember is the story she told.


  • Sound clip: Sarah Huckabee-Sanders saying that Trump’s insults toward Omarosa are obviously not racially charged and are just a condemnation of her character. Huckabee-Sanders saying it would be nice if we stopped worrying about silly rumors and paid attention to the policies.
  • Trump supposedly called her a dog and that’s supposed to be a racist comment, but he’s called a lot of people a dog, all white people.


  • Sound clip: Montage of people complaining about Trump’s supposedly racial comments. People trying to pin Sarah Huckabee-Sanders down in various ways.
  • We just want the government to do a good job. We don’t need to be obsessing about every word that the president says.
  • It seems clear that the timing of this latest outrage is to distract from things
  • Sound clip: Sarah slapping down the allegations that he has used a bunch of racist epitaphs.
  • Does it make sense that Trump is really a traitor, racist, a fraudulent businessman, that he’s crazy, stupid, etc, even though he’s doing a great job. OR is it more likely that the left just can’t get over having lost.
  • Sound clip: Huckabee-Sanders talking about how Trump has done a great job, especially for minorities, and has created three times as many jobs for African-Americans as Obama did in 8 years.
  • Which is, of course, why they hate him so much.


  • Sound clip: Omarosa saying that Trump was a serial sexual harasser.
  • Sound clip: Mueller probe, Omarosa saying she would be willing to give him whatever he needs and that she has plenty of evidence to back this up.


  • Call: Stan pointing out that Omarosa used to work for Al Gore.
  • Carrie Pickett has an article on how Al Gore also fired her. (article)
  • Many of these supposedly issue-oriented groups are actually left wing outfits
  • Committee to protect journalists blaming Trump for foreign dictators cracking down on press, Buck spoke to one of their people.
  • Buck asked her about the journalists assaulted at the antifa protests, she tried to push the blame off on the cops
  • Interesting how they are only interested in what hurts Trump
  • Also journalists attacked by Antifa in Portland
  • Antifa sees themselves as the ideological inheritors of anti-fascist movements in the thirties. These were mostly communists. The main reason was because they were trying to win the same recruits.
  • Both fascism and communism are collectivist, statist, totalitarian violent ideologies.


  • Sound clip: Cuomo trying to defend antifa because they supposedly are opposing hate
  • Of course this fits in with the idea that Trump and his supporters are supposedly white supremacists, so therefore legitimate targets for attack


  • Sound clip: Reporters saying that the police are on the side of the white supremacists and it’s okay to be violent if you’re on the antifa side
  • They are getting more scary in their tendency to attack people they disagree with.
  • Then you can start expanding the definition of white nationalist
  • Resorting to force is what people do when they lose the argument politically
  • Jim Acosta is freaking out over people insulting him, saying he is under threat
  • But in reality, all the violence against journalists is from the left.
  • Sound clip: Cuomo defending antifa again, saying that hate is so bad, even when there’s violence, morally that’s okay.


  • Call – Stephen calling in saying that the left has ceased holding any real belief, but just want power.
  • Editorial board of Boston Globe calling for newspapers to denounce Trump
  • Sound clip: Victor Davis Hanson on how Trump has fought back but hasn’t harassed or jailed like Democrat presidents have


  • Sound clip: Discussion of Peter Strzok being a politically motivated hater with too much access.
  • Bruce Ohr is probably going down next for helping to create the Trump dossier.
  • Sound clip: Manafort trial not going well for Mueller. If they lose the case it will look bad. If he convicts, then they can try to convince him to speak out against Trump.
  • Sound clip: Dershowitz on Strzok and how he should have recused himself because the appearance of bias is enough


  • Sound clip: What we expect from Iran, less terrorism basically
  • Every move on Iran is criticized as not strong enough, too strong, the wrong approach, has bad side effects.
  • Don’t seem to be really concerned with Iranian people, they just seem to want to protect Obama’s legacy by portraying Trump’s moves as a failure.


  • Interview: Lee Smith (article)
  • The meeting in Trump tower is supposed to support collusion, because the team met with a Russian offering dirt on Hillary.
  • The Russian worked for Fusion GPS, the same people who put together the dossier.
  • Seems odd also that they would put Carter Page in this, since he worked with the FBI to track down Russian spies a few years ago.

1.39.35 – Roll Call

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