Recap 08/15/2018

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1.13 – Summary: Cuomo running in 2020? Brennan got his clearance revoked, socialists can’t do math.


  • Sound clip: Sarah Huckabee-Sanders explaining that Trump is revoking Brennan’s clearance and the rationale behind it.
  • Institutional knowledge is not a good enough reason. These people should not have any exclusive awareness of anything because there are a lot of other oversight and assistants and such that stay behind that should know about things.
  • Plus, a lot of these people are not particularly useful as advice givers since a lot of them aren’t particularly good at their jobs.
  • Not having clearance is not a fascist overtaking of the government.
  • Having the former CIA director claiming that he “has reason to believe” that Trump is a Russian asset is beyond the pale of crazy. No reason to treat this like any other former employee.
  • Also undermines the CIA because how can you trust that political appointees won’t use their access to establish credibility to attack the next president? They should not be on TV commenting on investigations that they themselves instigated.
  • They have the right to say whatever they want, but they don’t have the right to keep their security clearance while they trash the president.
  • We know that someone has been leaking, and these guys are certainly not above suspicion.
  • Therefore it is reasonable to pull the access and is also not that big a deal.


  • Sound clip: Brennan being questioned by Gowdy on the IC assessment of Russian election meddling.
  • Someone created the connection between Trump campaign and the Russians, who was that?


  • Sound clip: Brennan saying that he heard about the revocation on TV and has not been reached out to since.
  • Sound clip: Brennan criticizing Trump saying he has no human decency and is a stain on the presidency
  • The reason that the media likes him so much is that since he had access people assume he knows what he’s talking about
  • Call: Bill claiming that he flew drugs into the US under government orders
  • Call: Bill from FL saying that these people are off-duty and therefore don’t need security clearance.
  • Call: Wade saying that we shouldn’t have doubted Trump’s word on this and is concerned about free speech
  • Anyone who believes that Alex Jones getting de-platformed is the end is crazy.


  • The left is not seeking an even playing field for debate. They want censorship and control.
  • Of course the politics of the Silicon Valley folks are very far left
  • The left is always the side of censorship. There may not be anything we can do about this right now.


  • Sound clip: Trump calling out Cuomo, saying he wants to overturn the 2nd amendment
  • There really aren’t any serious options available to run against Trump
  • Sound clip: Cuomo saying America was never that great
  • America is in fact, great. Doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but we do actually have the best system and way of life, which is why everyone wants to be like us.
  • Cuomo pandering to women especially by basically saying that women are being held down by oppression.
  • The obsession with oppression in the Democratic party is becoming a serious problem.


  • Christians are actually being discriminated against in modern society.
  • Same Christian baker is being attacked again right after winning in the Supreme Court.
  • Obviously this is his right to deny service to someone, but he was taken to task by the Colorado civil rights commission, a far left kangaroo court.
  • Now they’re hitting them again for denying transgender celebration cake
  • The left is hounding this guy to punish him for winning the Supreme Court case


  • Sound clip: Bernie Sanders saying that socialism is mainstream
  • Sweden is the main thing we look at with socialism and Sweden is currently burning to the ground because of all the riots.
  • Many Swedes are now wondering if their system is unsustainable.
  • To support socialism, we will have to raise taxes to 50% or more
  • Sound clip: Bernie saying that the Republicans can’t run on ideas so they run on demonizing Nancy Pelosi because she’s a woman


  • Sound clip: Dershowitz asking whether anyone can silence Omarosa with freedom of speech vs non-disclosure contract
  • Interview: Emily Compagno
  • Trump Campaign is trying to arbitrate an NDA against Omarosa
  • Problem with arbitration is that it could backfire. Not sure what kind of enforcement they could really get even if they win
  • Best thing would be just to ignore her


  • Sound clip: Trump doesn’t like dogs, apparently there was once a poodle that didn’t like Trump, so this is somehow an issue


  • Sound clip: Schumer saying that the crisis at the border is entirely Trump’s fault
  • Of course, the left has no alternative. The only thing being proffered is the catch and release
  • Sound clip: Montage of Schumer and Trump saying the same things on immigration
  • Now the story is that immigration hawks are all racist.
  • Sound clip: Charles Blow saying that Trump supporters are motivated by racism comparing Germans who stayed silent during the holocaust to Trump supporters.
  • Everything is racism, racism, racism on the left right now
  • They can’t convince us that it’s actually a good idea to take in a bunch more immigrants, so they just call opposition racism


  • Sound clip: Sam adams owner said that the tax cut was helpful for his business
  • Now they want to boycott Sam Adams beer

1.36.50 – Roll Call

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