Recap 8/16/18

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0.15 – Summary: Brennan’s security clearance revoked, media freaking out; press shows themselves to be the enemy of Trump


  • Sound clip: People wondering whether Brennan’s clearance revocation might be a prelude to tyranny
  • Security clearances are not a right, and most people do lose their clearances when leaving the government.
  • There is no threat to free speech.
  • If a CIA agent working today went on TV and used his clearance as credibility to undermine the president he would be fired and lose his clearance.
  • There is no silencing happening, he’s literally on TV claiming to have been silenced.
  • Yeah the IC has been discredited, but these are the people whose corrupt actions to try to undermine a presidential election. Nothing about Trump pulling their clearance is damaging to the president.
  • Retraction on Jim Jordan accusations, but of course no one mentions that on national media.
  • Sound clip: Jim Jordan defending the pulling of these people’s clearance because they are all leakers and many have been fired.
  • True silencing is happening when you try to pull people off social media and threaten to boycott their products if they support certain positions.
  • Comedic to hear Brennan say he’s being silenced as he’s on TV every five minutes and publishing op-eds in Ny Times


  • Brennan tried to silence Benghazi survivors at their comrades’ funerals (article)
  • Brennan says that Russian collusion denial is hogwash (article)
  • Here’s his opportunity to reveal the collusion, we know he’s dirty and willing to do anything to tear down the president, literally called him a traitor. Why can he not give any evidence?


  • Sound clip: Editorials are worthless and reinforce that the media is a bunch of leftist loons. There is no problem with free press, except that they didn’t hold Obama accountable when he actually went after the press. Almost all these papers endorsed Hillary Clinton, so their comment is silly
  • Just cause Trump continues to make these journalists look like idiots and liars doesn’t mean he’s attacking freedom of the press.
  • Obama indicting Fox News under the espionage act didn’t cause them to send out 300+ editorials.
  • Every step Trump takes is literally the worst thing any person has ever done.
  • The great irony of all this is that while the media is complaining about the First Amendment being encroached upon is that what they actually are mad about is Trump saying things they don’t like.
  • Press, Hollywood, Government, Universities, all wildly overrun by rampant leftism.
  • The problem is that a lot of the viewers of CNN, NBC, etc is that there are a lot of leftists that have been fooled into thinking that they were getting a straight factual description of events which makes them feel like Republicans are just totally disconnected from reality.
  • Fake news was originally a sneer at normal Americans, Trump just turned it back on the media because they actually lie constantly.


  • Call: Nathan – If Brennan actually had classified information that backed up the call that Russia colluded, that would be pretty close to revealing classified. If he really does, why doesn’t he become a whistleblower?
  • Call: Jeff – Had top secret clearance, lost it when he left the military and had to reapply when he went back to work


  • Sound clip: Trump saying that current immigration policy is a major disaster and they can’t change anything because of the Democrats, yet claims they are doing well in handling it.
  • Sound clip: Chuck Schumer said the same thing about illegal immigration a few years ago.
  • The official story has always been that refugees are no threat. Omar Ameen was settled in Sacremento, was actually an ISIS soldier and was a torturer and executioner for the ISIS military. (article)


  • Sound clip: Montage of Omarosa saying that Trump is a beautiful human being and an amazing president and loves women.
  • Omarosa ran another tape, this time of Lara Trump offering her a fantastic job with the Trump campaign after being fired.


  • Sound clip: Smug guy saying that Republicans don’t bother even caring what Trump is doing, but they just reflexively defend anything he does because they are so dumb. Other people saying that we will soon see whether Trump is above the law. 40% of the country has surrendered their “sovereignty” to Donald Trump.
  • Democrats have no alternative to Trump.
  • Sound clip: Elizabeth Warren federal registration for large companies so they can’t pay their CEOs much money and they have to have labor representatives on their board.
  • Leather comes from animals… correct. [ed: lol you have to hear it]


  • Sound clip: Trump claiming that manufacturing jobs are getting created at an astounding rate, in spite of the predictions that it couldn’t be done. Larry Kudlow pointing out that we are in a huge economic boom that no one believed could be done.
  • Sound clip: Kudlow saying that we are just now starting to see the boom
  • It is not just that people predicted that things would be bad and it’s actually okay, it’s that they said it would be devastating and it’s great.
  • Do we really care about presidential “decorum” over economic strength?


  • Sound clip: Geena Lowden being freaked out on by Angela Rye [ed: I can’t even summarize this. It’s too crazy. Basically she rewrote what Lowden said and said that everyone is racist.]
  • Trump is trying to involve minorities, but of course those people get attacked for being involved with Trump. Soooo… can’t win?
  • Sound clip: Geena Lowden asking Angela Rye to be reasonable and Angela Rye being completely unwilling to bend. [ed: What a terrible human being. Sorry Buck, I can’t support you on this one.]
  • “America has never been great” is a winning issue for Republicans.


  • Sound clip: PragerU getting people to say that plastic straws should be banned. No one can think of ways to improve the environment that aren’t crazy. Also saying that plastic straws are definitely a bigger issue than illegal immigration
  • Straw ban is spreading
  • Why have a law if you really don’t intend to enforce it.

1.32.50 – Roll Call

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