Recap 07/30/2018

Mentioned Sponsors Simpli Safe Home Title Lock Peter Millar Global Verification Network 0.13 - Trump threatens shutdown for Wall; Medicare for all price tag 1.12 Sound clip: Trump on Immigration press, building the wall, increasing security, merit-based immigration Media has been threatening how a shutdown will upset voters and hurt Republicans, maybe that's not really … Continue reading Recap 07/30/2018

Recap 07/26/2018

Mentioned Sponsors Global Verification Network Strike Force Energy¬†discount code BUCK Home Title Lock Simpli Safe 0.13 - Summary: Some Republicans want to impeach Rosenstein, Trump having success in trade war; Left wants to rid the world of masculinity 1.09 Sound clip: The House wants to impeach if they can't get cooperation, FISA warrant was wildly … Continue reading Recap 07/26/2018