Recap 8/8/2018

Mentioned Sponsors Strike Force Energy discount code BUCK Global Verification Network 1.14 - Manafort trial and the Russian collusion; Ohio Special Election; David French; Brandon Webb 2.03 President's legal team has rejected the request for Mueller to interview the president. Sound clip: Jay Sekulow explaining that the constitutional authority of the president allows him to reject the … Continue reading Recap 8/8/2018

Recap 07/20/2018

Mentioned Sponsors Strike Force Energy - discount code BUCK Global Verification Network Simpli Safe 0.14 - Summary: American people aren't worried about Russia, Midterms, Immigration, Low Wages = Violence?? 0.55 Sound clip - Comparing Helsinki to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Calling it treason Liberals are completely losing their minds. CNN has found a new possible mistress for … Continue reading Recap 07/20/2018

Recap 07/09/2018

Mentioned Sponsors: Global Verification Network Strike Force - Promo Code BUCK Peter Millar Dig Defence - Promo Code BUCK for July 0.13 - Summary: Supreme Court Nominee, Incivility, Breastfeeding politicization?1.03 - Supreme Court Sound clip montage mocking Trump's chance of winning Enjoy how the Dems were soooo wrong Supreme Court Nominee coming down the line Dick Durbin … Continue reading Recap 07/09/2018